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85 BPM02:06
slick jazz pop understatement. cool. melodious. comes with relaxed urban guitars and breathy woodwinds. a soft drum-flavored metro ride through the dark city - E minor, 85 BPM, Full Mix

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114 BPM02:20
Airy and upbeat travel style track
89 BPM01:37
sunny and peaceful jazz guitar lines with a decent cocktail bar feel. mellow percussion. introducing: stacation! - 89 BPM, Full Mix
126 BPM04:21
World - Blues. Contemporary positive light guitar groove from the Islands. Full Mix
102 BPM03:27
Blues - Traditional. Gritty nightclub electric blues jam. Version: Full Mix
130 BPM05:45
Blues - Acoustic. Acoustic blues with backing strings. Version: Full Mix
79 BPM03:44
Jazz - Easy Listening. Jazz guitar & vibes combine to recreate this popular Bach work with a modern jazz feel. Full Mix
102 BPM02:14
ultra smooth guitar lounge - steamy sax @ :57 / 1:36. Version - Full Mix
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