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100 BPM01:00
SWING BABY!!!! DIG IT!!! Smoking guitar shuffle. Version - Full Mix

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112 BPM02:48
Lively jive guitar driven rockabilly
167 BPM01:59
Rock - 1960s, 1970s, Blues, Sports - Feel good, Throw back, Classic, Fresh. Gas in the tank and Rock on the radio. A fast driving, upbeat blues rocker.
162 BPM01:14
bouncy classic fifties rock n' roll jive, guitar, piano, bass, drums get things cooking!, 162.40 BPM
94 BPM03:25
Rock - Surf. Swampy Southern guitar over driving tom tom drums. Full Mix.
92 BPM01:16
Ballsy, Classic Blues, Rock, Electric Slide And Piano, Raw, Overdriven, Hard Edged, Tough, Sweaty, Uptempo, Bikers, Boogie, Hard, Drinking Beer, Dive, Smokey Bar, Trucker, Driving, Roadtrip, Bump And Grind, Raunchy, Roadhouse, Confident, 1950s. Blues - Rock. 92 BPM. Instrumental.
94 BPM03:27
Rock - Surf. Moody beginning cuts loose with powerful guitar, drums and organ. Full Mix.
112 BPM01:03
Country - Honky Tonk. Spunky western flavor with pedal steel pickin' guitar lead. 60 Seconds
101 BPM00:18
Rock - Commercial. In the style of 50's rock n' roll. Version: Full Mix 15 Second
184 BPM01:21
Specialty - Rock - Hard Rock, Punk Rock, National Anthem. This hard rock punk thrash metal version of the British national anthem totally kicks ass. Its high-speed, high energy testosterone-overload for sure. Full Mix. Fast tempo. BPM 184.
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