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120 BPM02:27
Emotive string quartet. Flowing & interesting. Ideas & theories. Cold intrigue, thoughtful.

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156 BPM03:56
Harmonious and sweet strings
88 BPM01:53
A busy string section plays a suspicious and mysterious score filled with suspense and surprise.
101 BPM01:12
A melancholic soundtrack featuring strings. Great for movies or games.
59 BPM02:34
Soulful cello duet with light piano & harp. Compassionate, thoughtful & warm.
78 BPM02:24
Misfortune, separation, sadness, solo cello, at the end a negative atmosphere, e.g. war, destruction
55 BPM03:18
grieving cello over a bed of oceanic sounds, lonely violin and piano. alternating between deep sadness and beautiful melancholy - G minor, 55 BPM, Full Mix
76 BPM02:43
Minimalist and rustic, orchestral underscore takes you through an unhinged journey of unease and concerning drama. Current affairs and world drama.
65 BPM02:14
A melancholy Middle Eastern theme is shared between cello, violin, and flute with a harp accompaniment. Mournful and sparse. Version - Full Mix
60 BPM01:47
Majestic piano and shimmering strings combine to conjure a tender and delicately contemplative mood.
120 BPM02:53
It becomes grey and cold. The leaves change colour and the birds move to the south. Small string ensemble. 120 BPM. Full mix.
54 BPM03:08
Solemn, dignified strings backed by hauntingly poignant piano motifs evoke effusive sentimentality.
75 BPM02:24
Sad scene, sorrow, solo cello
119 BPM02:23
Artistic version of Debussy's 'Des pas sur la neige'. Version - Full Mix
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