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69 BPM00:31
Reflective, moody and ethereal, gathering intensity at 2' in with gunfire drums behind acoustic guitars, from Nat Wason, guitarist with Ben Howard's band and A Blaze of Feather. Great for dramas and documentaries.

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79 BPM01:04
American country influenced acoustic mystery. Version - Main
124 BPM02:01
Feel the sun beating down as you wander the wild plains.
100 BPM01:17
Pounding echo guitars & retro orchestral elements. Version - Main
72 BPM02:02
A time to contemplate followed by a time for action.
0 BPM02:07
Measured rhythm of determination and focus amidst a harsh wilderness.
110 BPM03:22
sighing vibrato guitars, slow, sensitive, trill piano chords, daring. creeping in. a hint of desperado and western. rattling, dark. ready to pounce, observant eyes, shifty characters, cryptic, savvy, 110 BPM
124 BPM04:46
Melancholy and desperate sounding with odd echo-covered vocals, somber electric guitar and effects leading into heavy percussion, piano hits and edgy guitar drive.
50 BPM02:18
Dusty Southern hybrid masterpiece with swampy guitars, melancholic piano, and mud-covered sfx with a rebellious rocked out undertone. Film, Program, Ad, Soap Opera. Longing, Criminal, Compelling.
82 BPM03:01
Chilly synths sweep over rural slide and acoustic guitar and steady electric bass patterns in this determined scoring cue, with strings and percussion rounding out the hopeful vibe. Version - Full
96 BPM02:02
Warm and peaceful, dark rock featuring atmospheric electric guitar, electric bass and drum kit creating a cool, calm mood.
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