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60 BPM00:31
Simple, reflective melody starting on acoustic guitar, joined by piano at 45" and a delicate glockenspiel riff from 1'18". Bass comes in at 1'30", with slow handclaps from 1'45"

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166 BPM02:10
Confident acoustic strumming, affirming groove and realised synths. Version - Main Mix
Solo picked acoustic guitar blossoms into lush strings with rolling drums, bold rhythmic and melodic guitars, evoking happy memories.
137 BPM00:31
Emotional, Compelling, Muscular, Motivating. This cue has all the anticipation and glory one would feel being an Olympic hopeful. Med tempo. Drama - Action, Tension, Suspense. 137 BPM. 30 Second.
79 BPM01:04
American country influenced acoustic mystery. Version - Main
70 BPM02:29
Peaceful and solemn indie folk rock beginning gives way to tender and lonely vibe.
85 BPM01:15
Tender, yet dramatic indie folk pop builds with an emotional and solemn heaviness.
154 BPM02:39
A mellow piano ballad covered in dark ambience over building programmed beats with acoustic guitar strums and spacey effects swirling in the background.
100 BPM02:44
Magical ethereal ambience and piano set the stage for this warm and beautiful song by Alto Rowan. An inspirational, moving, slowly building acoustic pop song featuring free-spirited intimate male vocals with hopeful lyrics about trusting and letting go. A gem of heartfelt and deeply personal songwriting.
100 BPM02:15
Alternative - Rock. Tortured indie songwriter washed out verb ballad. 100 bpm. Full Mix.
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