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60 BPM00:31
Simple, reflective melody starting on acoustic guitar, joined by piano at 45" and a delicate glockenspiel riff from 1'18". Bass comes in at 1'30", with slow handclaps from 1'45"

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112 BPM04:09
Banjo led lonely story of the immigrants hope for reuniting in a new land. Main Version.
130 BPM03:17
Pop - Indie. Don't let the rain ruin your day. Those are some honest words of advice from this gloomy but hopeful ditty. Heartbeat drums starting at :06. Lifting and reassuring bridge at 1:52. Builds with epic full drums at 2:35. Full Mix.
90 BPM02:51
Life-affirming indie pop, wholesome and upbeat, with a simple acoustic guitar intro til 53" in, then electric guitar, bass and drums lift the track with a lovely build to a crescendo at 2'08".
148 BPM03:24
Bright, uplifting, inspiring pop song with male vocals and background choir. Motivating lyrics about the freedom to do whatever you wanna do, the rest will come! Driving rising refrains with a catchy vocal hook alternate with wonderful verses performed by Singer-songwriter Alto Rowan from California.
60 BPM03:05
Wistful, uplifting, acoustic track with a big build at 2'15"
76 BPM03:54
Heartfelt passionate Christian ballad female vocals
75 BPM03:35
Reflective and atmospheric indie rock ballad with a melancholic overtone. Pensive and meaningful acoustic pop song featuring evocative male vocals by Alto Rowan about the evanescence of life - All we are will wash away. Dark, ethereal feel with acoustic guitars, pulsing drums and gradually evolving atmospheric builds with electric guitars, organ and vocal harmonies.
100 BPM02:44
Magical ethereal ambience and piano set the stage for this warm and beautiful song by Alto Rowan. An inspirational, moving, slowly building acoustic pop song featuring free-spirited intimate male vocals with hopeful lyrics about trusting and letting go. A gem of heartfelt and deeply personal songwriting.
140 BPM05:36
Loving, open arms await to welcome you home. No matter what's going on in your life there's a country song to match your mood. Vocals, classic Nashville steel guitar and singing electric guitar trade licks in a joyous outro that kicks in at 3:33.
62 BPM02:17
An indie folk rock pop anthem with half-time drums, strummed acoustic guitars, piano, accordion, mandolin, and warm bass. Nostalgic, Powerful, Rootsy, Moving.
80 BPM02:17
Gentle serenade of love, filled with serenity, hope and warmth.
81 BPM04:03
Light psychedelic retro ballad about chasing money for love. Acoustic guitar, synth and piano accompaniment. 81 BPM. Full mix.
87 BPM02:57
Passionately confident with trendy sounding acoustic guitar over a rallying rhythm section of drums, bass, hand claps and foot stomps. Version - Full Mix
123 BPM03:00
Impassioned vocals set a dark haunting mood
70 BPM02:21
Dark and bittersweet with echoing melodies and sweet string textures over nylon guitar arpeggios. Poignant and reflective in feel and a contemporary, artistic sound combine to create an intelligent indie rock track. Version - With Vocals
60 BPM03:05
Simple, reflective melody starting on acoustic guitar, joined by piano at 45" and a delicate glockenspiel riff from 1'18". Bass comes in at 1'30", with slow handclaps from 1'45"
46 BPM03:23
Yearning song about a dual and dangerous personality. Two distinct male vocals with tender acoustic support.
87 BPM03:55
This warm, tender-hearted folk song features lush pedal steel, acoustic rhythm guitar and the knowing, sincere vocals of Tyler Fortier. Version - Full
58 BPM04:05
A deeply heartfelt, positive and reflective piece with beautiful, delicate guitar plucks and gentle string swells that evoke a deep contentment with a tranquil life.
92 BPM04:30
Rustic, organic, rootsy, atmospheric. Earthy, acoustic blues rock song with about getting in touch with your feelings. Medium tempo. Pop - Rock, Acoustic, Singer-songwriter. 92 BPM. Full Mix.
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