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145 BPM00:33
Rock, Sports - Sports, Jingles. Version 3. Fast tempo. Heavy constant beat with mysterious retro. More instrumentation and Sci-fi movie theme added. 145 BPM. Full Mix

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130 BPM00:33
World - Exotic, Jingles. Vocal. Fast, lively, positive. 130 BPM. Full Mix
145 BPM02:06
Electronic - Dance, Soundtrack, Retro. Heavy constant beat with a mysterious retro Sci-fi movie theme. Full Mix
130 BPM00:33
World Music - Ethnic - Culture - World, Exotic.
138 BPM00:32
Dance - Commercial. 90s dance corporate, lights of a big city. 30 Second
140 BPM03:17
World - New Age. Dynamic ethno dance music that will make you feel as if you are in a nightclub in a foreign Middle Eastern country. Full Mix
100 BPM00:32
100 BPM00:32
Soprano saxophone & vocal interludes combine in this laid back track. Romantic, reflective, Jazz, Easy Listening.
136 BPM00:35
Promos - Promo, 30 second jingles
132 BPM00:33
Corporate - Industrial - Technology - Ethnic chants and big production with a touch of Euro disco.
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