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110 BPM02:03
Rowdy, feel-good Alt Americana stomper.Driving beats and head-nodding rhythms. Ideal for fun, upbeat quirky commercials and tv promos

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127 BPM02:14
Blues - Jazz. Acoustic delta blues with vocals. Full Mix.
105 BPM02:44
Up tempo bright happy country featuring acoustic guitar female vocal group backing vocals. Vox
95 BPM01:02
A Rock and Roll Christmas that harkens a slapped-back echo memory! This pure rocker is straight outta Memphis in 1956.
102 BPM03:46
Happy action song with a cool hook that works! You're damn right! This girl is worthy of her own riff and much more. Testify and make it snappy! Great for happy action scenes.
137 BPM03:15
A fun, quirky country-punk infused rocker with unpredictable orchestration. Vocal. Main version.
113 BPM02:26
Baltic-flavoured, cabaret-tinged drinking song with a touch of melodrama
142 BPM02:58
Vocal - Jazz, Swing, Pop - Positive, Sunny, Exciting, Happy. An exciting, vivacious, tune features female vocal singing about being head over heels in love, on top of the world. Fast tempo.
101 BPM02:49
Twangy Fender hook kick of this western ghost riding story of the lone man escaping to the road west. Main Version.
160 BPM02:34
Bouncy, quirky indie guitar pop with a comedic edge
94 BPM03:45
Classic country shuffle longing male vocals
88 BPM02:49
Western-styled electric guitar, jangling acoustics and driving drums create a quick moving trucker tune with harmonized cowboy vocals.
165 BPM02:20
Easy-going, driving & happy blues-rock track, optimistic male vocal with a catchy positive hook and a bouncy, rocking & driving guitar groove, bass & drums, happy whistled line, ear-catching hook line, singer, songwriter, vocal, lyrics, feel-good, easy-going, encouraging, lively, cool, unplugged, moving, Film, TV, movie, dramedy, storytelling, documentary, reality-tv, daytime, ads, friends, buddy, buddies, bikes, biker, rocker, young, trendy, modern, lifestyle, casual, fun, carefree, cheerful, feelgood, light, catchy, easygoing, leisure, holiday, vacation, vacancy, family, friendly, teen, summer, sunny, party, barbecue, outdoor, countryside, americana, folk, travel, rail, road, car, route, departure, theme, trailer, ads, commercials, promos, corporate, prestige
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