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116 BPM02:20
Fun and light with a catchy reggae beat, this quirky lifestyle theme will put a smile on every face.

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100 BPM01:41
Clever and quirky kids music featuring wacky sounds and a bright melody, bright and optimistic.
155 BPM02:08
Jaunty and fun, a lively action music bed with percussion and a bright catchy sound.
120 BPM01:32
Wacky fun with interesting change @ 0:34 sec
120 BPM02:46
Laid back Caribbean percussion and mallets floating over whistles, ukulele and brass. - Main Mix
100 BPM01:04
Bright, positive and very catchy, a great kids theme with a strong melodic hook.
85 BPM01:46
Bright, warm and cheerful, a happy theme with a quirky catchy melody.
83 BPM02:26
Bright and perky kids theme, fun and happy.
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