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129 BPM00:45
half drama echo-marimba-hits and pizzicato string section, somehow agitating but in a subtle way, 129 BPM, Full Mix

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138 BPM01:10
A fast, mysterious tone pulse drives under a mysterious percussion theme with occasional sound effects. Version - Full Mix
93 BPM03:23
arcane and potentially dangerous, subtle, dark, ominous string movements, pounding synth and drums, swells, claustrophobic feel, something illegal in progress - 93 BPM, Full Mix
110 BPM01:16
stealthy percussion, suspenseful halftime drum beat, stabs. resonating. synth, electronica. dynamic, tense, suspicious - 110 BPM, Full Mix
130 BPM00:56
mysterious and intriguing marimba and metal bowl patterns over medium paced percussion bed. serious and dark, slowly increasing in intensity, 130 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM02:31
Mysterious underwater movements accompanied by electronic instruments. 120 BPM. Full mix.
101 BPM00:53
Atmospheric - Percussive. Dank, mysterious, and sinister. Full Mix.
75 BPM01:50
deep dark synth layer with strings creeping in, slow rhythmic percussion and intermittent synth smacks. single piano chords invoke fear and curiosity, suspensively lurking - 75 BPM, Full Mix
130 BPM01:03
130 BPM01:03
Smooth, simmering bed of tension as judgements are drawn and decisions are made.
60 BPM00:56
high-pitched whining background layer, wobbly pulsing synths, urgent metallic finger percussion fading in & out, threatening. charged with fear and aggression - 60 BPM, Full Mix
140 BPM02:47
Minimalist echoes; factual subtleties art-house documentaries. Cautiously elegant marimba, grand cassa and glockenspiel combination.
90 BPM02:45
thieves in the alleys of India's capital gaining the upper hand, ethnic percussion and bass dominanting the scene, subtle and dubious - 90 BPM, Full Mix
110 BPM02:09
drone layer, quiet and cautious percussion intro, marimba pattern coming in @ 0'18 restless, slowly building strings joining in, pretty intense outcome - 110 BPM, Full Mix
111 BPM02:27
111 BPM02:27
Enchanting, uneasy marimba & percussion in 13/8. Version - Main
120 BPM01:00
Ethnic drum intro followed by a light pan flute lead at :10. Filling in the gaps are intermittent accents on variously pitched drums. This track has a lucid feel and therefore could be used as an ethnic sounding bed fro a variety of applications. Version - 60 Second
120 BPM02:04
kalimba, african percussion, drums. exotic jungle theme, positive, playful, full of energy and joy. flute @ 0'56 - 120 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM02:30
Feel the sub bass pumping the adrenaline through your veins as congas act like an alarming ticker. The exotic sound of the guzheng adds a refreshing color to this suspenseful scene. Key: A Major. 120 Bpm. Full Mix.
110 BPM02:00
investigative cue featuring spacey backdrop of deep echoing drums and tuned metal gamelan percussion. dark piano tones, tabla-style ethnic drumming. neurons rapidly at work, observation, inquiry, examination, D minor, 110 BPM
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