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99 BPM02:11
Peruvian - World. Medium. Peruvian groove, soothing Spanish guitar rhythm with accordion textures. 99 BPM. Narration.

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105 BPM02:08
Modern Tejano gem with melancholic accordion, steady drums, powerful bajosexto, and soaring synths that transmit heartfelt emotion. Ideal for Telenovela, Film, Reality TV, and Ads. Truthful, Drink Cares Away, Broken Hearted.
130 BPM02:32
Acoustic indie. Simple melodic shape repeated over a jittery percussive bed
130 BPM02:48
Cajun flavoured ballad featuring acoustic guitar, accordion and soft male humming vocals. Tender and comfy as your favourite couch. Full mix.
105 BPM01:59
Mellow guitar and accordion waltz. Folksy and warm, feel the breeze. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM01:35
Upbeat and winding French accordion, percussion and guitar
119 BPM02:23
Latin - Tex Mex. Near the frontier, the dreams of thousands of people find their way through the passage of the North. Full Mix
122 BPM02:03
Romance - Commercial. Mi Amore! Sit back and enjoy this romantic, devilish Italian folk tune centered around a playful, mischievous accordion. POI @ : 47 get lost in the feeling with marching percussion, lively acoustic guitars and frolicking mandolin. POI @ 1:22 maximum swagger with driving percussion and frenzied accordion. Exotic, sensual and impassioned. 122 bpm.
125 BPM05:08
World - Asian. An Inang song (with Javanese influences) used for a traditional Malay dance Full Mix
116 BPM02:38
Latin - Tex Mex. Comrades and friends share thoughts, adventures and romancing stories at the saloon. Full Mix
112 BPM02:35
Sentimental Latin Pop. Inspirational acoustic guitar, foot-tapping beat drives Latino groove and contented accordion lead. Cruising guitars at 0:51.
109 BPM02:15
Latin - Tex Mex. In order to hear and play Norteño music you must wear a good pair of cowboy leather boots. It's the Mexican tradition! Full Mix
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