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180 BPM02:04
A rock-hard knuckle cracker! Shredding hammer blows; opponents will be slammed to the ground with only one emerging victor.

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110 BPM02:24
Dark, cinematic drums slowly build tension while ominous low brass/synth hits drone over the rising rhythm. POI at :56 rock explosion with funky, distorted bass and guitar riff over massive, upbeat rock drums, frantic, pulsing synths and tension fx. Futuristic, ominous and thrilling! Rock - Action, Adventure. 110 BPM. Full Mix.
100 BPM01:53
You have no choice but to obey the groove in this creepy-crawly, tough-as-nails rock-metal/action track kicking off with haunting voice fx and shocking rhythmic stabs that explodes @ :18 into fierce, rebellious guitar riffage, booming bass and a drum beat that really moves! POI @ :45 ambient tension slowly rises @ 1:12 for a final sonic-showdown battle-royale!
70 BPM02:02
Dark, gritty and explosive rock/metal track filled with sludgy, mid-tempo drums, sinister de-tuned guitar riffs, pulsing electronics and un-nerving sound design. Bombastic, dystopian and rebellious. The enemy is gaining ground... Trailer - Rock, Metal. 70 BPM. Full Mix.
80 BPM02:25
The hero's new speed machine has arrived. @ :16 the main guitar riff introduces the main groove. POI @ :53, a section with clean guitar with distortion hits, suspenseful vibe. Restart! @ 1:57. The final charge of the new machine @ 2:04, main guitar riff with a variation of the drum groove. @ 2:22, final hits to end the track. Trailer - Guitar - Electronic. 80 BPM. Full Mix.
70 BPM02:07
The blood pumps through your veins as you prepare for another throwdown - someone is headed to the ER, and it's not going to be you. Dark sound design and a gritty, distorted guitar intro break open a riff with scorching attitude and swagger. This anthemic, hybrid rock groove with explosive drums kicks ass and takes names. Soundtrack - Trailer - Action, Epic. 140/70 BPM. Full Mix.
129 BPM01:04
Dark, scary, and tense. Spooky droning sound effects and heavy epic percussion hits. Serious grunge bass. Horrific synth rise intensifies to an eerie pause at :33.
160 BPM01:25
The inferno is rising in this aggressive, no-holds-barred rock/metal track blazing with POI @ :35 powerful, pummeling drums, sinister distorted guitars, driving bass, tension fx and massive cinematic percussion. Rebellious, dangerous and groovy... *starring the dark lord on drums. Trailer - Rock, Metal. 160 BPM. Full Mix.
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