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90 BPM02:15
Red alert; this virus has no antidote. A musical lockdown of rumbling dark synths and chemically charged percussion.

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90 BPM02:11
Resurrection and awakening using ancient and forbidden magic. An ice-cold monster enters the arena; thrilling high tension.
90 BPM02:26
What horror is to come! Violence, rage, and fury pulse as FX and sound design take a grip on your soul.
110 BPM02:06
Heli-dop ghost squads on a shock-and-awe mission. Convergence points with no room for error; humanity is on the line.
101 BPM01:53
Scary trailer sound design. Scary Heartbeat pulses with monster like alarms fill the opening leading to epic action groove. @ :09, start of a low growly synth that increases volume. @ :21, sudden silence after a quick synth pulse rise. @ :29, a hit followed by a synth bass downer. @ :41, a big hit followed by heavy gritty synth. @ :48, heart beat is added to the sound design groove. @ :54, percussive synth pulse pan from right to left. @ 1:19, quick synth pulse rise into a hit. @ 1:23, hit into silence. @ 1:44, synth pulse downer into silence. @ 1:47, robotic voice rise into a hit followed by distorted growly synth ambience. Film/TV - Thriller/Suspense, Sound FX/Design, Rises, Score/Trailer, Sting. 101 BPM. Full Mix.
110 BPM02:36
Heavily armed battalion travels silently into the pitch black. Bring your guitar to the gunfight in this OTT display of elite firepower.
100 BPM02:36
The determinator is in town! A bionic cyber hacker transfuses a deadly combination of violence from the digital aether.
92 BPM01:43
Disturbing trailer sound design. Evil and scary FX elements with swells and hits add tension and suspense to this track. @ :15, quick percussion hit into a big synth siren. @ :26, evil breathing sound design. @ :32, swoosh into a synth bass pulse drop. @ :37, synth sub bass pulse with high pitch ringing. @ :47, rise into heavy synth hit. @ :58, synth rise. @ 1:18, synth drop. Starting @ 1:21, industrial percussion groove sets the pace. @ 1:40, synth rise into a synth drop @ 1:42. Film/TV - Thriller/Suspense, Sound FX/Design, Rises, Score/Trailer, Epic. 92 BPM. Full Mix.
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