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125 BPM03:09
Raving rockabilly twangy guitars driving rhythm male vocals

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125 BPM00:32
Raving rockabilly twangy guitars driving rhythm male vocals
108 BPM02:16
Up tempo exciting driving rock and roll rhythm features electric guitars male vocals shuffle drums twangy guitars driving train rhythm mid 1950's
133 BPM03:20
Up tempo bouncy fun happy mad eclectic American fun 'art' rock solid beat Sci Fi feel and sound effects strong chorus 1960's retro sound male vocals plus crowd noises Vox
160 BPM00:32
Pacey blues shuffle male vocals
154 BPM03:21
This swinging rock'n'roll tune tells of a troubled relationship with a light hearted tone while rocking guitars, piano, horns and drums grind away. Version - Full
112 BPM02:48
Lively jive guitar driven rockabilly
173 BPM04:39
Our hero solicits help from the Godess Venus to get some love. An octave guitar theme gives this track a '60's spy flavor. Vocal. Main version.
128 BPM03:13
Punchy, funky blues rock. Turgid Blues-Boogie aimed to melt the frigid. Vocal. Main version.
110 BPM02:03
Rowdy, feel-good Alt Americana stomper.Driving beats and head-nodding rhythms. Ideal for fun, upbeat quirky commercials and tv promos
108 BPM02:43
Dig this dark, down-home rocker struttin' with bluesy/twangy guitars, lively acoustics, upbeat drums and gritty bass. You'll be sucked into the story with an attitude-drenched, impassioned vocal performance and scorchin' solo at 1:53. Hot damn! Country - Rock, Blues Rock. 108 BPM. Full Mix.
214 BPM02:29
Swinging gypsy-punk uptempo vitriol
132 BPM03:05
Pounding Irish pub anthem. Driving acoustic guitar with a 6 over 4 feel and vocal oo's through a Leslie speaker. Don't get involved with his troubles! Vocal. Main version.
110 BPM02:40
Lively kicking dance hall jive male vocals
160 BPM03:44
Pacey blues shuffle male vocals
160 BPM01:04
Rockabilly groove with Telecaster and steel guitar tells the tale of the woes and rewards of caregiving. A mom's work is never done. Toughest gig you'll everhave but also one of the best.
Driving twangy rockabilly
85 BPM01:02
Classic roadhouse stop-time riff, raspy male vocal, blues harp, guitar solo.
95 BPM01:02
A Rock and Roll Christmas that harkens a slapped-back echo memory! This pure rocker is straight outta Memphis in 1956.
108 BPM03:17
Rock - Surf. Scorching blues flavoured slide guitar boogie with attitude. Full Mix.
101 BPM02:49
Twangy Fender hook kick of this western ghost riding story of the lone man escaping to the road west. Main Version.
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