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90 BPM06:32
Smooth easy listening jazz fusion with vocals

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137 BPM06:02
Easy restful relaxed female vocals
110 BPM01:46
Contemporary light jazz offshoot fashioned with contemporary R&B accents. Light piano intro with synth drums at :18. Version - Full Mix
95 BPM02:47
Simple Jazz/Soul melody played by various instruments.
0 BPM06:07
Instrumental Submix Version
110 BPM03:23
110 BPM03:23
Fresh up-tempo pianos on steady beat
102 BPM02:12
A friendly, positive sounding groove with a jazzy chord structure. Upright bass and drums crank out a fun upbeat background with piano melodies flourishing overtop. Vibes and keyboard tones join in for a transition while the instrumentation is chopped u. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM02:36
Atmospheric & Chill - Jazz - Chill Out, Lounge, Lifestyle, Fashion. Full Mix. BPM 100.
98 BPM03:32
Medium tempo steady easy jazz funk features electric guitar piano and saxophone
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