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115 BPM03:47
Relaxed easy ambient chill

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87 BPM04:49
Adult Contemporary - Easy Listening. Friendly atmosphere, observation of sub oceanic world Full Mix
120 BPM04:35
Chilled drifting vocoder vocals
124 BPM08:22
Floating insistent gentle trip
136 BPM03:04
Light broad expansive movement
76 BPM02:14
World - New Age. Moody electric guitars and strings with eerie sensual voices. Full mix
120 BPM01:55
120 BPM01:55
A gentle yet atmospheric track with glossy bell piano, spacey synths and floating flute lines. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM03:16
World - Atmospheric. Slow and dreamy with ethereal voices and a flute. Full Mix.
Drifting movement guitar and female voices
100 BPM01:04
Corporate - Drama. Retro electric guitar and chilled out synths and drums. Full Mix 1.
152 BPM04:29
World - Acoustic. Slow moving, relaxed, features big pads, sparse piano & memorable acoustic guitar theme. Sensual and sentimental. The sparse piano brings an underwater feel to the piece. Full Mix
95 BPM03:52
Cool and laid back with a melodic building theme. Version - Full Mix
130 BPM03:41
Slow tempo drifting serious percussion
90 BPM01:28
Electronic - Atmosphere. Ambient tracks designed to work with underwater footage containing sparse melodies and effects to create the right atmosphere. Full Mix.
106 BPM03:28
Flowing, comforting w/ plucked strings. Version - Full Mix
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