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155 BPM02:26
Up beat bright country swing male vocal

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160 BPM00:32
Pacey blues shuffle male vocals
89 BPM01:38
Farm animals take over the studio w/angry duck @ :33. Version - Full Mix
97 BPM01:30
Amusing take on a cowboy song. Solo & vocal group.
107 BPM03:23
Medium up tempo steady chugging 12 bar blues rock song features male vocal and harmonica Vox
136 BPM00:32
Soulful RnB blues male vocals and guitar
92 BPM01:16
Ballsy, Classic Blues, Rock, Electric Slide And Piano, Raw, Overdriven, Hard Edged, Tough, Sweaty, Uptempo, Bikers, Boogie, Hard, Drinking Beer, Dive, Smokey Bar, Trucker, Driving, Roadtrip, Bump And Grind, Raunchy, Roadhouse, Confident, 1950s. Blues - Rock. 92 BPM. Instrumental.
94 BPM00:30
Happy easy early pop ballad male vocals and whistler
112 BPM02:48
Lively jive guitar driven rockabilly
160 BPM03:44
Pacey blues shuffle male vocals
94 BPM01:02
Fast-rocking, honky-tonk blues shuffle with vampy femlale lead.
146 BPM01:36
Driving, easy, rocking, optimistic, moving, happy, jolly, cheerful, bright, upbeat, feel-good, playful, a catchy & rolling country shuffle with electric guitar, acoustic piano, modern rhythm section, acoustic, theme, underscore, soundtrack, film, TV, countryside, outdoor, hillbilly, western, boogie, fun, humor, folks, fellows, kids, cartoon, comedy, animation, humorous, leisure, holiday, vacation, road, trip, travel, fresh, positive, carefree, uplifting, lively, groovy, bouncy, rock, dance, saloon, bar, party, ranch, cowboy, cowgirl, farm, farmer, Americana, Texas, US, Canada, Australia, Europe, movie, documentary, trailer, promo, reality-tv, commercial, ads, advertising, magazine, journal, boulevard, homepage, new media
94 BPM03:25
Rock - Surf. Swampy Southern guitar over driving tom tom drums. Full Mix.
94 BPM03:27
Rock - Surf. Moody beginning cuts loose with powerful guitar, drums and organ. Full Mix.
66 BPM02:01
Country - Honky Tonk. Rocking little boot skootin number in a classic country shuffle. Full Mix.
94 BPM03:45
Classic country shuffle longing male vocals
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