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112 BPM04:07
Medium easy funk bed with vibes

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154 BPM05:27
Slow tempo smooth easy cool jazz funk features piano
154 BPM05:27
Medium slow tempo easy relaxed soul acid jazz funk vocals
101 BPM03:55
Pop - Folk. Evocative folk pop music. Full Mix.
110 BPM03:23
110 BPM03:23
Fresh up-tempo pianos on steady beat
0 BPM04:17
Sexy; Fashion; Cool; Jazzy; Melodic
110 BPM00:33
Funk - Funk, Hip, Groovy, Laid back.
110 BPM00:33
Funk - Soul, Jingles. Groove upvibe with clavinet and Rhodes. 110 BPM. Full Mix
104 BPM03:15
Drums loop, bass, acoustic piano theme. Wah wah guitar, keyboard pads, and spanish guitar solo. . Version - Full Mix
103 BPM03:14
Medium tempo disco funk plucked guitar string accents 1970's
92 BPM04:05
Medium tempo easy soft sentimental lazy jazz disco funk electric piano featured
100 BPM03:00
Rhythmics, percussion, and electric guitar theme. . Version - Full Mix
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