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98 BPM03:32
Medium tempo steady easy jazz funk features electric guitar piano and saxophone

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90 BPM02:37
Repetitive harmonic pattern with various instrumental solos.
95 BPM02:47
Simple Jazz/Soul melody played by various instruments.
Relaxing smooth jazz funk features saxophone
0 BPM02:21
Jazzy; Funky; Cool; Sophisticated;Melodic; Sexy
98 BPM02:43
Corporate - Urban. Silky smooth jazz flavored track prepares you to lay down and relax to the smooth electric piano sounds and congas. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:36
Atmospheric & Chill - Jazz - Chill Out, Lounge, Lifestyle, Fashion. Full Mix. BPM 100.
101 BPM02:12
Easy listening, layback, jazz, Happy, bright & melodic. Medium tempo. Guitar, flugelhorn, trumpet & Strings
Funk fashion groove with saxophone
0 BPM06:07
Instrumental Submix Version
112 BPM03:08
Light, positive momentum with a bit of fashion vibe.
90 BPM01:00
Lazy sax solo with bass jive and record scratches. Version - Full Mix
103 BPM04:44
Up tempo lively smooth funk features flute and saxophone
85 BPM04:49
Medium tempo light easy trekking groove jazz funk features acoustic guitar saxophone vibraphone
97 BPM02:14
Adult Contemporary - Smooth Jazz. This midtempo bed is dripping with well get there when we feel like it attitude, with a touch of spice thrown in for good measure. The funkiest of grooves backs up some great sax work. Any carefree scenes - movie, television, or silent cinema - they will be well served by this track. Full Mix.
96 BPM02:08
Period & Archival - Kitsch Retro Lounge - Disco. Full Mix. BPM 96.
73 BPM02:36
Sultry, yet elegant night music with sweetly sexy alto sax.
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