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159 BPM05:17
Medium slow tempo gentle trekking movement modern travel easy music easy listening ethnic instruments dance rhythm voice sounds swingbeat

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120 BPM04:35
Chilled drifting vocoder vocals
82 BPM03:18
Intro with sounds of nature, piano theme, rhythmics, new age inspiration. Version - Full Mix
104 BPM03:37
Sophisticated exotic world travel
68 BPM02:12
Indian inspiration, eletro-world with flute theme, tablas, sitar, synths, and drums. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM03:12
100 BPM03:12
Mellow theme on steady beat. Version - Full Mix
152 BPM00:33
Romantic - Easy Listening, Jingles. Slow moving, relaxed, features big pads, sparse piano and memorable acoustic guitar theme. 152 BPM. Full Mix
96 BPM03:14
Urban - Pop. City nights, dark underscore urban pop with vocal samples. Full Mix.
85 BPM05:05
Medium slow haunting steady heavy powerful trekking movement Russian influence voice sounds
85 BPM05:04
Opens with broad atmosphere to medium tempo steady trekking movement Eastern Russian influences voice sounds
104 BPM00:33
104 BPM00:33
Sophisticated travel style
104 BPM02:28
Soft and floating easy trekking travel
80 BPM00:33
World - French investigative style track. Slow. Full Mix.
152 BPM04:29
World - Acoustic. Slow moving, relaxed, features big pads, sparse piano & memorable acoustic guitar theme. Sensual and sentimental. The sparse piano brings an underwater feel to the piece. Full Mix
87 BPM03:39
Concert flute, synths, electro fx, rhythmics, evocating birds on the wing. Version - Full Mix
94 BPM03:43
Medium tempo steady easy trekking travel movement features electric guitar and fx
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