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75 BPM04:59
Jazz - Funk. A warm, beautiful, shimmering light washing over you. Full Mix.

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100 BPM03:00
Rhythmics, percussion, and electric guitar theme. . Version - Full Mix
101 BPM02:12
Easy listening, layback, jazz, Happy, bright & melodic. Medium tempo. Guitar, flugelhorn, trumpet & Strings
95 BPM02:03
Upbeat and positive jazz feel with morphing melodies and strings at :40. This one's got "nice vibe" written all over it. Alicia Keys inspired. Version - Full Mix
97 BPM02:22
Medium Soul with short lead melody and instrumental solos.
84 BPM03:12
Easy listening, layback, jazz, Melancholy, reflective acoustic jazz. Medium tempo.
77 BPM01:41
Time for a break, maybe a shower. Get cleaned up, the night is still young. Maybe a club and some late dinner...Wah bass and Rhodes electric piano trade melodies with a nice string counter melody. Version - Full Mix
89 BPM03:53
Light easy relaxed wah guitar
93 BPM01:57
Medium tempo easy smooth jazz funk features electric guitar
97 BPM02:09
97 BPM02:09
Medium tempo easy smooth relaxed jazz funk features electric guitar
90 BPM02:37
Repetitive harmonic pattern with various instrumental solos.
112 BPM02:02
Adult Contemporary - Easy Listening. Driving funky groove with rhythmic jazzy piano, bluesy electric guitar and killer riffs followed by a smooth heartfelt interlude section. Uplifting and forward moving tone contrasted with emotional content. Full Mix.
62 BPM02:12
Romance - Commercial. Turn the lights down low and feel the moment with this relaxing sensual/romantic slow jam featuring silky smooth bass, hypnotic chilled-out drums, dreamy wah guitars and feather-light strings. POI @ :35 jazzy guitar octaves take center stage leading into a deep bridge with effected/delayed guitars. Pure bliss..... 62 bpm.
90 BPM02:11
Inspiring, positive underscore with a nice groove and electric guitar licks.
90 BPM02:55
Jazz Rock theme with extended 12-bar verse.
80 BPM01:01
Sexy, Seductive, Alluring, Narcotic. A laid back, romantic slow dance, exuding passion and desire. Med tempo. Rock - Funk, Pop, 70's. 80 BPM. 60 Second.
85 BPM02:07
Romance - Commercial. Give into the alluring sounds of this sensual slow-jam featuring, playful wah guitars, soaring/swelling strings and glamorous piano. Tight and refined drums and bass lay down a hypnotic groove while a nimble bluesy/soulful electric guitar explores the wonder of love! You're the ONLY one for me baby. Smooth and sensuous. 85 bpm.
101 BPM03:55
Pop - Folk. Evocative folk pop music. Full Mix.
84 BPM05:34
Smooth takes on a whole new meaning with this blissed-out, sexy, uber-laid-back funk jam chock full of chilled jazzy Rhodes, solid bass, dreamy wah guitar and tight, soulful drums. POI at 1:17 Jazzy electric pianos in the hands of masters trade call and answer licks to keep you lovin' every second of this aural treat. Whatever you do..... Be Smooth! Corporate - Jazz, Chill, Fashion, Romance, New Age, Program. 84 BPM. Full Mix.
81 BPM02:05
Soft and sexy cue with a nice groove.
99 BPM02:11
Ultra-cool acid jazz with a bouncy groove. Hip, introspective Electric piano builds up into horn riffs over slinky guitar. Version - Full Mix
80 BPM04:22
Relaxing, smooth piece with a deep, modern sound.
154 BPM00:34
Slow tempo smooth easy cool jazz funk features piano
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