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84 BPM01:32
Step into the darkness with uneasy textures, sporadic electronic/machine stabs and spooky, morphing fx to begin this cinematic, industrial electronic thriller. POI at :41 a militant, marching electronic beat lurches forward while deep pounding sub-bass and hair-raising, filtered fx push and pull with creeping apprehension. The machines have taken control. Horror - Suspense - Electronic, Rock. 84 BPM. Full Mix

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140 BPM01:58
Exciting and thrill seeking with tons of ambient synth effects and strings converging over electronic shaky bass and industrious, effected drum programming. Spacey, intense and gripping, this will put you on the edge of your seat! Version - Full Mix
126 BPM01:47
Feel the doom rain down with suspicious, uneasy textures, haunting vocal fx and airy pads. POI at :30 the pace picks up with electro/cinematic percussion, rising/sweeping pads and whooshing fx. POI at :49 ominous synth/guitar riff takes control over pulsing strings and intensifying/dynamic theatrical drums slowly building to an unknown fate. Horror - Suspense - Electronic, Techno. 126 BPM. Full Mix
96 BPM01:46
Tough pulse that crescendos to a hit. Sound Design - Pulses. Full Mix.
86 BPM01:46
Waves of apprehension wash over you with ghostly pads, mysterious airy textures and deep bass. Low kicks and filtered percussion add weight keeping you locked in and awaiting the unknown POI at :47 a dynamic, powerful rhythm emerges with pulsing synths, driving rock drums and ominous tones injecting fear as the track rises to a thrilling conclusion. Devolution! Horror - Suspense - Electronic, Techno. 86 BPM. Full Mix
80 BPM01:53
Drama - Horror - Trailer. Watch your home smothered with flames and explosions as the children still stuck inside scream bloody murder. Horrific sound effects and building drone turn into a full fledged synthetic drum beat and sound design. Full Mix.
76 BPM01:42
Electronic - Drama. A unique repeating hammered string instrument drones while harmonics and plucked tones begin this moody thriller. Huge, spacious electronic drums march ahead giving a heavy, half-time feel while trippy/delayed/floating sound fx add eerie atmospherics dance above. Soaring, mysterious orchestral strings push and pull you into the dark. Otherworldly! Full Mix. 76 bpm.
128 BPM01:52
Trodden brass samples build with sharp, penetrating cutoffs over a huge lumbering programmed drumbeat. Dubstep bass joins in with massive, titanic phrases and haunting vocal choir samples resulting in a powerfully stirring vibe. Version - Full Mix
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