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130 BPM02:22
Boogie, shake it, bounce, whateves... Just move to the fresh sounds of deep synths, funky bass, crisp drums and soulful vocal snippets. POI at :36 go even deeper down the rabbit hole with gliding synth lead and choppy rhythm. Rave on.. Electronic - Dance - Urban - Commercials - Club Music, Electro. 130 BPM. Full Mix.
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127 BPM02:12
Activate! Energize with shimmering synth stabs, wonky bass, poppin' urban/garage drums vocal inserts and trippy fx. POI at 1:04 retro keys get jazzy while lively perc gets snappy leading into hypnotic, dubbed-out pianos at 1:40. Can you dig it? Electronic - Hip Hop - Dance - Commercials - Club Music, Urban. 127 BPM. Full Mix.
127 BPM02:12
Oh snap! Get loose with groovy piano stabs, glitchy synths, bustin' bass, smokin' background vocals and funked-up drums all bumping together in a super-fresh, feel-good sonic package. 8-Bit synths blip and bleep while wobbly synth bass dirtys up the track. Dance like nobody's watching! (Unless someone is actually watching) Electronic - Dance - Club Music - Commercials - Dubstep, Electro. 127 BPM. Full Mix.
128 BPM01:33
Bright, optimistic and upbeat, a punchy rhythm with a catchy bass, punchy brass line and quirky effects.
80 BPM04:19
Electronic - Dance - Techno. Speedy techno dance track with futuristic sounds and male vocal samples. Version: Full Mix
0 BPM01:41
Easy, driving, optimistic, uplifting, moving, urban, action, fun, contemporary positive track, Film/TV, movie, documentary, drama, trailer, promo's, news stories, reality-tv, urban, modern lifestyle, young urban culture, leisure, sports, action, modern adventure, travel, holiday, feel good, technology, business, communication, corporate, prestige, new media, themes, underscore, bed, commercial, advertising, lounge, homepage, fashion, chic, pop, dance, house, electronic, contemporary urban culture
140 BPM01:58
Dance - Dub Step - Techno. Glitchy, playful synthesis with plenty of dubby low end will keep you dancing. Haunting vocals and dreamy synth solos make this jam work. 140 bpm. Full Mix.
138 BPM02:01
Electronica - Dance Beats. Loopy beats with fx and synth stabs, Synths, Contemporary, Dance, Fast, Nightclub, Uptempo, Urban, 138 BPM. Full Mix.
140 BPM02:56
Dance - Dub Step - Lounge. Space-station, funky-jazzy-chill step. Tight basses, playful leads and vocal textures take you past the stratosphere into unexplored galaxies. 140 bpm. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:07
This energetic song is just like Amsterdam - colorful and exciting. Wacky vocals, synths, a four-on-the-floor beat and an array of electronic sounds are the ingredients for this bustling dance tune along with acoustic intruments like saxophone and accordion. Key: D major. 120 Bpm. Full Mix.
130 BPM02:18
Electronic - Electronica - Drones. Up-tempo bass driven electro track. Full Mix.
66 BPM02:23
Massive dance beats with an unpredictable interrupting synth. Robot sounding synth mixed with heavy clapping. Pop Rock - Electronic. Full Mix.
126 BPM02:23
Driving and confident, featuring excited synthesizer and synth drums that create a slick, determined mood.
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