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70 BPM03:19
A new old school symphonic rock experience. Version - Full

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106 BPM02:37
106 BPM02:37
Melodic rock, acoustic and electric guitars. Version - Full
141 BPM02:52
Acoustic Melodic Rock. Version - Full Mix
92 BPM02:06
Loping American three-chord with some twists and turns.
124 BPM03:16
Slick and courageous, featuring edgy electric guitar and drums that create a satisfied, determined mood.
104 BPM03:13
Medium tempo relax rock
108 BPM02:17
Rock - Pop - Alternative. An urgent feeling, dark and edgy rock guitar piece with pounding drums and cool transitions. Full Mix. Fast tempo. BPM 108.
97 BPM01:59
An indie acoustic track with a dark vibe. Drums loops crack and pop under subdued acoustic guitars and lead into a driving rock bed with big drums and edgy electric guitars. Moody and aggravated sounding. Version - Full Mix
108 BPM03:28
Rock - Alternative. Symptoms of old guitar veterans in a Classic Rock tune with memorable melodic motive full of alternating guitar and piano solos. Full Mix
95 BPM02:12
Van Halen style slow pounder with an upbeat mood.
184 BPM02:37
Acoustic - Country - Western. A gritty, groovy bass and thick, driving rock drums kick off this complex, modern rock tune. POI @ :24 majestic cinematic strings, light piano and additional guitars join the jam and add emotion and energy while the tune marches forward. POI @ :37 inspirational vibrations with a beautiful arpeggiated piano line that takes you to the sky with inspirational strings and tight syncopated rhythm section. The tune cycles through the themes again adding even more color and movement and leaves you inspired and breathless. 184 bpm. Full Mix.
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