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85 BPM00:31
Big funky RnB trip-hop groove

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85 BPM03:37
Big funky RnB trip-hop groove
75 BPM03:06
melancholic meditation, an emotive bass melody in dialogue with broken harp chords, steady tongue drum and crispy live drumbeat. weird laboratory electronica. reflecting, forward-looking. b-part with turnaround chord changes @ 1'08, E minor, 75 BPM
152 BPM02:24
Rock - Alternative - Easy Listening. Laid back and relaxed, a great track for sitting out by the lake. Full Mix.
110 BPM04:01
Chillout - Lounge. Laid back groove with an uplifting positive vibe, easy, mellow, warm ambient groove. Full Mix.
80 BPM02:34
Contemporary - Chilled. Laid back, anxoius, nervous sound track. Suspense with a tense feel. Full Mix.
88 BPM00:33
short esoteric hip-hop groove . Version - Loop
80 BPM02:11
Electronica - Dance Beats, Atmospheric, Chillout, Reflective chillout score featuring electric piano, chimes, deep bass and processed beats. Ambient, Contemporary, Cool, Documentary, Floating, Medium Tempo, Reflective, Soothing, Technology, 80 BPM
69 BPM02:27
Smooth, slow and sexy chillout melody
86 BPM02:41
Electronic - Funk, Hip Hop / Rap. Trip Hop beats. Jazzy feelings and acoustic bluesy guitar. Full Mix
95 BPM00:31
Hard beat investigative insistent
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