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122 BPM02:10
Drama & Suspense - Light Drama, Ambient, Crime Investigation. Subtle Drama, Atmospheric, Subtle Movement, Thoughtful, Reflection, Wonder, What If, Piano, Brooding, Suspense, Tense, Discovery, Investigation, Hope, Searching, Science, Space, Ticking Time, Medical. Underscore.

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90 BPM01:56
prominent gritty drone, bouncy pulses, eerie atmosphere. progressive beat drops @ 0'42. pending, weird vibe - 90 BPM, Full Mix
122 BPM02:55
Dark atmospheric pads with pulsating bass, building with haunting guitars and electronic beats.
100 BPM02:31
European elegance and style make this the perfect high end product launches.
71 BPM02:17
Solemn and dismal, featuring dark drones and strings that create a hypnotic, mysterious mood.
106 BPM01:56
This unsettling dramatic underscore conveys imminent danger with threatening synths, moody sfx, and tense, metallic percussion that build from beginning to end.
120 BPM02:05
pulsing guitar lines, bass, accents and a melody on top, drums here and there. enigmatic, melancholic, suspicious - 120 BPM, Full Mix
124 BPM01:34
synth pulse bounces off the walls accompanied by sparse piano chords emitting dismay and loss. panic strings @ 0'32. desperation, 124 BPM
87 BPM02:02
Assertive guitar motif intro builds to a epic climax
0 BPM02:19
Alternative version with guitar.
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