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130 BPM00:30
Quirky & Kitsch - World, Funk. Vibrant Up-Tempo World Flute Funky Driving Rhythm, Tribal, Electronic, Fast, Journey, Upbeat, Vibrant, Steampunk. 30 Second Underscore. 130 BPM.

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128 BPM02:16
Electronic - Hard core. How come Hollywood never makes movies based on old video games? Animated hard core. Full Mix.
135 BPM01:00
Club atmosphere techno. Version - Full Mix
130 BPM01:34
Electronic - Industrial. Strange and compelling this electronic potpourri would pose a challenge to most people who favour The Carpenters or New Age music. Full Mix
151 BPM02:25
Electronic - Techno, Trance. Fast beats and distroed synth tracks. Full Mix.
131 BPM02:04
Electronic - Trance. Very current techno sound. Fast and catchy, great for action scenes or video games. Full Mix.
Tones Phones and Messaging fx
100 BPM00:24
Film - Trailer - Production Elements. Bed: A dark electronic groove with bloops and blips. Full Mix.
126 BPM02:08
Electronic - Dance. Chunky Big Beats Mix with synth and mellow breakdown. Full Mix
120 BPM02:39
Electronic - Drama. Hard synth with banging drums and cinematic underscore. Full Mix
84 BPM01:41
Pumping, driving, energetic, uplifting, tension, urban, adrenalin. A pumping contemporary urban action track with filtered morphing synth, driving drums and electronic elements.
138 BPM02:19
Electronic - Rave. Somebody, I'm not saying who, brought their Glock to the club because this track takes a serious turn and we spend the rest of the time tracking him down. Full Mix.
124 BPM02:25
Electronic - Funk. Rough and tough guitars with funky beats and vocals. Very cool cut. Full Mix
135 BPM02:09
Electronic - Dance. Lo-tech hackers somehow manage to infiltrate the throbbing mainframe at the Pentagon, using only vocoders and vintage synths. Full Mix.
144 BPM01:00
Strong beats and vocal grunts. Version - Full Mix
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