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146 BPM02:44
Get a blast of this catchy energetic indie pop rock. Us Mix.

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146 BPM02:44
Get a blast of this catchy energetic indie pop rock. Full Mix.
155 BPM02:03
Bouncy and peppy, jaunty piano melodies with a fun and friendly rhythm section groove skipping underneath. Version - Full Mix
116 BPM02:39
Corporate - Technology. Catchy background vocals launch this up-tempo rhythm section piece along with some inspired piano counterpoint to put it over the top. Full Mix. 116 bpm.
83 BPM01:43
Arpeggiated piano with strong chords. Laid back drums keep it chill. Progressing scales give constant sense of motion. Syncopated rhythms add energy.
120 BPM01:11
Happy, upbeat light pop with forward motion. Instrumental. Main version.
135 BPM03:35
Romance - Pop - Alternative. Act One: Spunky rhythm setup highlighted with piano and trumpet (0-0:57). Act Two: Happy, upbeat love-rock theme (0:57-1:58). Act Three: Head-over-heals sing along love song (1:58-3:31). 135 bpm. Full Mix.
136 BPM02:57
Pop - Retro. Extremely upbeat feel to this synth lead cue with backing rhythm acoustic guitar and piano parts. Summer never felt so good until you listened to this glorious track. Full Mix
160 BPM02:30
Upbeat and bouncy, featuring pulsing piano, organ and a bright melody that creates an optimistic and enthusiastic mood.
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