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108 BPM03:17
Rock - Surf. Scorching blues flavoured slide guitar boogie with attitude. Full Mix.

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94 BPM03:25
Rock - Surf. Swampy Southern guitar over driving tom tom drums. Full Mix.
167 BPM01:59
Rock - 1960s, 1970s, Blues, Sports - Feel good, Throw back, Classic, Fresh. Gas in the tank and Rock on the radio. A fast driving, upbeat blues rocker.
94 BPM03:27
Rock - Surf. Moody beginning cuts loose with powerful guitar, drums and organ. Full Mix.
143 BPM03:16
Hard Edged, Raw, Overdriven, Electric Slide, Gritty, Rockin, Blues, Southern, Texas, Sweaty, Tough, Brutal, Aggressive, Bikers, Boogie, Hard, Drinking Beer, Dive, Smokey Bar, Trucker, The Law, Driving, Roadtrip, Roadhouse, Aggressive, Swagger, Confident. Blues - Southern Rock. 143 BPM. Instrumental.
102 BPM03:46
Happy action song with a cool hook that works! You're damn right! This girl is worthy of her own riff and much more. Testify and make it snappy! Great for happy action scenes.
96 BPM03:06
Blues - Delta. Electric Chicago blues rag with sax and Hammond B3 providing solid backing to electric guitar melodies. Full Mix
179 BPM02:42
Fun and funky with horns and fingerpicked electric guitar. Embrace the dark! Vocal. Main version.
125 BPM02:23
Country - Western - Nashville. Upbeat and cowboy influenced, get ready for a Hoedown. Full Mix.
96 BPM00:32
Blues - Americana, Jingles. Fast happy upvibe, piano, organ, guitar and band. 96 BPM. Full Mix
106 BPM00:32
Blues - Speedin down the road on another hot summer day; where the highway will take one knows. Hurried blues with a electric guitar lead. Med Fast. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:40
Fast rock'n'roll guitar melody, with crazy sax. Cut and run. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM02:27
Rock - Surf. Is that violins? Keyboards or samples? How can he make a guitar do that?! Well, we promise you this lead was played live (on one guitar even!). Blending surf, country, and a rock riffs is no easy task, but we think we did admirably well. Full Mix.
106 BPM00:32
Blues - Americana, Jingles. Fast slide guitar blues. 106 BPM. Full Mix
156 BPM02:55
Frenetic, uptempo guitar chicken pickin'. Speedy, poultry-infused, fretboard blitzkrieg. Be afraid! Instrumental. Main version.
165 BPM02:08
1950s - Rock and Roll - Retro. Hippy hippy shake rock and roll. Full Mix. 165 bpm.
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