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100 BPM02:57
World - Reggae. Caribbean steel drum flavoured calypso track with reggae guitar skank. Full Mix.

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88 BPM01:54
On safari with a catchy melody and quirky percussion.
88 BPM01:53
Electronic - World. A festive and blue-haired cruise ship sets sail with their entertainment in place - an organist from the local strip mall, who invites his south-of-the-border brethren to join in their quest for the fountain of youth. Full Mix.
94 BPM02:51
bouncy latin inspired piano riff, groovy syncopated drumbeat, inside out synth stabs. shiny carribean steel drum action at intervals. exotic dishes, happy holiday sunshine. motivational, enthusiastic, 94.30 BPM
96 BPM03:01
slick reggae-influenced bass groove, motivational, female vocal accompaniment, uplifting, buoyant, pleasant anticipation - A minor, 96 BPM, Full Mix
0 BPM02:21
Sunny, easy and moving calypso theme with marimba and whistling, Film/TV, movie, drama, documentary, urban, lifestyle, atmospheric, fun, holiday, feel good, travel, beach, world, ethnic, southamerica, carribean, latin, brazil, emotion, humor, comedy, cartoon, themes, trailer, promo's, underscore, bed, easy listening, lounge, homepage, instrument, contemporary acoustic, melodic
147 BPM03:56
Feel-Good African style reggae
65 BPM03:33
At peace in dreamland. A splash of exotic calm, mixing up ultra-smooth non-worded vocals with mellow, retro funky breaks and clavinet.
162 BPM03:52
Happy melodic sunny leisure vocals and whistler Vox
84 BPM02:12
World - French, Reggae. Catchy French styled urban reggae featuring rhythmic electric guitar and synthetic accordion parts. Full Mix.
88 BPM01:43
The sun is shining, people are smiling and there's not a care in the world with this fun, tropical and infectious little tune.
105 BPM02:13
Children - Toddler. A tropical and breezy melody in the guitars and marimbas; a Caribbean getaway. Full Mix.
84 BPM00:54
World - Reggae. Catchy French styled urban reggae with a strong bass lines and rhythmic electric guitar. 50 Second.
145 BPM02:11
A carefree, relaxed whistle melody happily strolls through a tropical forest of guitar arpeggios, choppy reggae piano, and cool percussion effects. Laid-back and nonchalant. Version - Full Mix
110 BPM01:44
A sunny children's theme, perfect backing for that carefree summer holiday. Children - Holiday. 110 BPM. Full Mix.
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