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89 BPM00:35
Country - Acoustic, Pop. Guitar pickin'. 40 Second.

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95 BPM00:35
Country - Acoustic, Pop. Melodic country. 40 Second.
89 BPM02:20
Pop - Soft Rock. Light acoustic guitar part over soft rock drums and a bright melody. Full Mix.
148 BPM00:31
Country - Acoustic, Ballad, Jazz. Country flavoured. 30 Second.
92 BPM00:33
Country Rock - Rock, Jingles. Layback cruising' in the by the river. Medium tempo. 92 BPM. Full Mix
92 BPM00:33
Country - Country - Promos. Light and carefree country rock track. Full Mix.
70 BPM00:35
Rock - Ballad, Acoustic, Jazz. Laid-back theme. 40 Second.
126 BPM01:41
Country - Rock. Heartfelt country rock ballad. Fiddle and electric guitar duet over acoustic rhythm. Full Mix.
80 BPM02:58
Tender ballad gentle electric guitar
70 BPM02:57
Pop - Soft Rock. Laid-back acoustic guitar theme with backing slow drums and bass. Full Mix.
123 BPM02:06
Rock - Classic, Ballad. Joe Satriani floats away on this very soft & dreamy ride to the islands. Gentle yet powerful, this piece also suggests sensuality. Full Mix
125 BPM00:34
Rock - Blues - Country - Folk - Metal - Guitars - Punk - Medium country feel with accordions.
95 BPM02:14
Country - Acoustic. Melodic soft country featuring acoustic guitar and light drumming. Full Mix.
116 BPM02:16
Americana, Instrumental - Heartfelt, Medium Tempo, Positive, Inspirational, Heartland Imagery, led by lyrical clean Electric guitar backed by acoustic gtrs., piano, organ and bass. BPM 116 Full Mix.
126 BPM00:34
Country - Western, Jingles. Medium country feel with accordions. 126 BPM. Full Mix
68 BPM00:35
Rock - Acoustic, Ballad. Light acoustic ballad. 40 Second.
94 BPM03:07
Stephen Stills style, finger pick guitar intro, guitar solo. Version - Full Mix
125 BPM00:34
Promos - Promo, 30 second jingles
100 BPM00:32
Country - Commercial. Contemporary country peace with steel guitar. Full Mix
110 BPM03:21
Pop - Soft Rock. Soft rock beat with backing acoustic guitar rhythms and bright lead acoustic. Full Mix.
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