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109 BPM00:54
Corporate - Drama. Developing orchestral dynamic theme with major orchestral hits and vocals. 50 Second.

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Hard edge building dramatic action orchestral hits
Pulsing expectant gritty guitar driven pursuit
137 BPM00:33
News - Documentary. 30 second News Themes. Full Mix Full Mix
100 BPM01:00
Drama - Orchestral - Soundtrack. Underscore. Big dramatic orchestra with modern beats and synths elements. Full Mix
128 BPM01:02
Drama - Action. Building suspense with an electronic beat, rhythmic distorted electric guitar, and strong orchestral parts. 60 Second.
109 BPM02:56
Corporate - Drama. Developing orchestral dynamic theme with lots of synthetic vocals and percussion. Full Mix.
130 BPM01:02
Electronic - Soundtrack. Vocals, synth pads and washes and a pulsating synth create an ambiguous intro that leads into a driving and determined synth driven theme. Full Mix.
93 BPM01:05
Electronic - Drama. Haunting horror track. Vampires, death, monsters, underworld. Very gothic and modern cut. Full Mix.
137 BPM00:32
Corporate - Futuristic sounding cue with a synth lead and a pumping drum line. Fast. Full Mix.
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