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80 BPM03:26
Pop - Soft Rock. Light acoustic guitar picking with soft drums and bass backing it up. Full Mix.

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148 BPM03:51
Country - Acoustic. Country flavored acoustic guitar with backing light percussion. Full Mix.
74 BPM01:59
Easy going acoustic guitar Pop, cruisey, feel good, reality TV, home & garden
118 BPM02:29
Easy drifting leisure travel acoustic guitar and rhythm
150 BPM05:45
Adult Contemporary - Acoustic. Emotional start to this track. It then flows into a combination of flute and guitar with synth keys. The mood is very nice and peaceful. Full Mix.
66 BPM02:27
Mellow mood with hint of country, pedal steel and acoustic guitar
0 BPM01:50
Relaxed, sunny, easy, positive and happy summer holiday and beach theme with marimba and guitar, Film/TV, movie, drama, documentary, nature, lifestyle, atmospheric, fun, holiday, beach, summer, feel good, travel, world, ethnic, southamerica, carribean, latin, emotion, humorous, comedy, cartoon, themes, trailer, promo's, underscore, bed, easy listening, lounge, homepage, instrument, contemporary acoustic, melodic
140 BPM03:22
Positive happy carefree vibe - features acoustic guitars
113 BPM04:01
113 BPM04:01
Relaxed acoustic guitar and light rhythm
104 BPM03:50
What should I tell you... ocean's blue, everywhere you look, sun shines down upon us.... never felt anything like it before, I could be wrong, but decidedly, love on a first sight. Easy Listening - Atmospheric. Full Mix
92 BPM01:00
Gentle, warm, content, welcoming. This thoughtful, gentle tune makes you feel like being near the hearth of a fireplace on a rainy day. Medium tempo. Rock - Folk, Acoustic, Pop. 92 BPM. 60 Second.
148 BPM00:31
Country - Acoustic, Ballad, Jazz. Country flavoured. 30 Second.
132 BPM01:00
Whimsical, gentle, flowing, reflective. This coming of age music is dreamy, hopeful and emotional. Medium tempo. Rock - Folk, Acoustic, Celtic. 132 BPM. 60 Second.
74 BPM01:32
Atmospheric - Acoustic. Brightful and positive mood. Sunrise. Full Mix
70 BPM00:34
Positive happy carefree vibe - features acoustic guitars
140 BPM04:02
Adult Contemporary - Smooth Jazz. Lounging on an enchanted island and not having a care in the world is where this track brings you. Light acoustic guitar is picked under a sexy saxophone. Full Mix
100 BPM03:20
Pleasant easy drifting acoustic guitars and rhythm
102 BPM04:12
Your hair, overflowing gold on a pillow, touched by morning sun, is captured forever in my dreams, I will always love you, even though, you are not here with me, anymore. Easy Listening - Atmospheric. Full Mix
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