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122 BPM04:21
Glitched action track with cello melody over powerful 80s synths and driving big beats

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122 BPM01:00
Instrumental - Cinematic. Climb aboard if you dare. I can't promise this ship won't sink. Disturbing clanking followed by unnerving silence keeps you on edge. Pause at :40 that leads into an active synth and deep blowing horn. Flying synth may save your life. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:08
Low pulsing synthesizer leads into an exciting, bulbous percussion melody accented by dramatic, brass bass -synthesizer stabs.
150 BPM01:09
Mechanical effects and ominous distorted synths cover dynamic, dramatic string themes and powerful drum blasts with serious, apocalyptic tones.
102 BPM02:05
Super dramatic track with strings dominating the arrangement with the feel of a rock orchestra. Dark atmosphere slowly building. Breakdown @01:17. 102 BPM. Full mix.
120 BPM01:48
Tough pulse that crescendos to a hit. Sound Design - Pulses. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:33
powerful game changer, effected cascades of strings, hard hitting drums and percussion, growling synth pad. from now on new rules apply - 120 BPM, Full Mix
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