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136 BPM02:13
Dramatic percussive and orchestral challenge

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120 BPM01:10
Bad times are awaiting as the villain enters to dramatic effect.
130 BPM01:58
Chewy, glazed synth, basted cellos and over cooked drums! Version - Main Mix
150 BPM02:30
Smoky, chugging cellos with sizzling pizzicato leads and bell percussion! Version - Main Mix
120 BPM02:05
Film & Trailer - Score. Score, Film, Trailer, Movie, Motion Picture, Promo, Orchestral, Action, Building, Heroic, Epic, Majestical, Serious, Intense, Powerful, Tension, Adventure, Overcome, Conquer, Chase, Pursuit, Battle, War, Struggle, Prepare, Medium. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
152 BPM01:56
Steadfast strings with brass underscore & drums. Version - Main
135 BPM02:16
135 BPM02:16
Menacing, dark; strong and dramatic strings. Version - Main
95 BPM02:21
Attention grabbing percussion, smooth strings & drums in a espionage theme
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