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0 BPM01:44
Light tension track featuring electric piano strings and percussion

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0 BPM01:45
Light tension track featuring electric piano strings and percussion
83 BPM02:42
Slow ticking tension with a groove
123 BPM01:58
123 BPM01:58
Heavy bass notes with deep drone including ambient effects & swells
160 BPM01:46
Heavy-handed low orchestral strings stab over rhythmic tension-building synthesizers and percussion effects while dramatic piano melodies cast a mysterious air overtop.
96 BPM02:37
A close juxtaposition between justice and criminality. Carefully-paced, glitchy beats and ethereal textures create a mood of ambiguity and suspicion.
140 BPM01:43
Pressure is building as the clock ticks and battle is ready to begin
120 BPM02:08
Haunting and eerie drama drone bed with a determined and intense percussive motion. Serious and competitive matters.
92 BPM04:08
Despite long odds, determination radiates in this edgy investigative hybrid cue, with pulsing synths, mysterious pads and driving percussive grooves forging ahead. Version - Full
90 BPM02:16
Anxious underscore with tension and suspense, medium percussion, determined business theme.
90 BPM01:14
A pulsing bass synth and shaker press into a mysterious combination of echoing pianos, sound effects and heavy tom hits. Echoing piano builds with increased percussion leading to a heavy hitting climactic ending. Version - Full Mix
110 BPM02:07
A dark, mysterious and sinister tone is conjured through unsettling synth pulses, suspenseful tuned percussion and eerie ambiences.
100 BPM01:15
track beats cross the foreground over deep dark drones. powerful piano chords echoing, static electricity shots create a somber criminal vibe - 100 BPM, Full Mix
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