615 Music News Music Packages

Tower News Music Packages

The Tower News Music Series has been created exclusively for NBC affiliates. Recently updated, Tower is crafted around what are perhaps the most recognizable three notes in the industry. Originally composed as lush live orchestral traditional news branding, the four updates not only compliment the original, but also expand the theme choice and introduce modern pop elements for a contemporary new standard of music associated with NBC. The result is a seamless blend of a traditional “network” inspired sound with modern pop elements needed for local branding.

The Tower News Music Package is back with a fresh new update! Bigger, bolder and faster, Tower V6 has updated the whole package with brand new main and morning themes along with new weather, investigative and sports. (8 themes, over 420 cuts)
This update picks up the pace, including fresh main and morning themes, new promo beds and exciting new sports themes. (9 themes, over 1,300 cuts)
Traditional orchestration blends with modern pop elements. (13 themes, over 465 cuts)
Live strings and brass lend an organic and inspirational feel. (12 themes, over 300 cuts)
Strong and accomplished with an authoritative sound, percussive rhythms and unforgettable signature. (19 themes, over 130 cuts)
NBC branded, lush live orchestral traditional news branding. (27 themes, over 160 cuts)

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