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1st Producer Series
These anthemic, epic pop-rock stompers feature heroic blockbuster choruses, male vocals with passion and confidence and triumphant stabbing electric guitar riffs. Adding whooshes and explosive beats into the mix makes this collection an ideal companion for sports, high-impact action and trailers/promos.
Color TV
State of the art productions showcasing the masterful skills that create a diversity of emotional directions. This functional album provides 19 tracks with a variety of scenarios while using urban and electronic beats, synthesizers, sound design and sounds effects as a foundation and pairing them with guitars, piano or even mallet instruments. Expect minimal arrangements with maximum effect.
Russia, the largest country in the world, extending across northern Asia and into eastern Europe with its music deeply rooted in the traditions of the proud Russian people. This album highlights 12 cues varying from ballads and Russian romances to up-tempo folk dances, marches, classical ballet tunes, Russian tango featuring balalaikas, domra, gusli, semistrunka and gregorian male vocals.
Naked Music
This offbeat, deceptively simple electronic charm-box of sparse, metronome-like tech beds includes many a whimsical surprise -- unexpected woodwinds and trombones, chimes, hand claps, off-kilter accents and all the primary colors of retro synths that somehow unite in a breezy, irresistible smile of a groove.
Non-Stop Producer Series
Loaded with bravado, these incendiary odes to victory and athleticism feature swaggering raps, bold group refrains and hip-hop beats combined with live drum corps cadences. Each track has 3 mixes: Artist Mix (radio version), Drumline Mix (enhanced drums corps) and Sports Mix (for added punch). To quote: 'Champagne to my real friends, Real pain to my sham friends. You heard. We are here.'
Groove Addicts
A 60s, fuzzy psychedelic haze permeates this funky-schizoid album that dips into acid jazz, blues rock and Italian sexadelic lounge. Think after-hour party in a redlight district on a far-away planet and your halfway there. Unabashed synth love, mallets, porn strings, bongos and distorted guitars all party together atop lo-fi, syncopated grooves.
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