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Indie Anthems by Amphibious Zoo

Available Now!

We are excited to debut a new envelope-pushing release, “Indie Anthems” from Amphibious Zoo. With its indie rock flavor and feel-good style, this emotionally charged collection of Brit-pop inspired folk songs offers positive vibes with plenty of heart.

Seven composers collaborated to help capture the latest sounds in indie music, from synth-based pop to atmospheric alternative rock. “The thing I really dig about the indie music scene is how things seem a little more heartfelt. Things can be a little more rough and raw,” says Steve Newman, Composer.

The composers agree that “Indie Anthems” isn’t so much a sound but a direction. Michael McClellen, Composer, says, “It’s about pushing the envelope. It has an adventurous twist.” Kerstin Olcott, President of Amphibious Zoo, and Ryan Boud, Producer/Composer, agree the performances are integral to the sound of the album. Kerstin adds, “you can hear the smiles on our faces in the songs because it was just that much fun to work on. We had to edit the laughter out.”

It’s easy to see how much fun the recording process was for this one…Check out the video to see for yourself! “Indie Anthems” is now available!

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