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Image Music Library – The Planets

We’re all about being legendary at Warner/Chappell Production Music, and this next disc certainly takes on the legendary moniker. First off, this disc was recorded at Shepperton Film Studios in the UK. Never heard of it? That’s ok, there were some small movies filmed there that you might have heard of including, 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, The Elephant Man and Gandhi  to name a few. Oh yeah, Warner/Chappell artists, Led Zeppelin, recorded there too! Wow, talk about legendary!

Now, let’s take a journey to the cosmos with our latest disc from Image Music Library, “Holst: The Planets.” Arranged and produced by David Ivanov, this new recording of the legendary seven movement, “Holst” was recorded late last year at the legendary Shepperton Film studios in London, England. The unique element of this disc is that it has cutdown versions as well as the full tracks. Mastered at Edensound Studios, Melbourne, in January 2014 by award-winning sound engineer, Martin Pullan. Martin has worked Deep Purple, The Seekers, Joe Cocker and many more!

Follow us on our planetary adventure as we literally soar through the stars!

Mars (The Bringer of War)” is an iconic and incomparable piece that will bring an air of professionalism to any productions. Its strident war-like opening is perfect for epic film or documentary moments be it space or conflict.

Venus (The Bringer of Peace)” is a serene orchestral piece that will suit any documentary by conjuring up images of the cosmos.

Mercury (The Winged Messenger)” is a classic work that conjures up images of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and magical, mystical mischief.

Jupiter (The Bringer of Jollity)” contains many incredibly famous British themes. Take a listen, choose your favorite parts and bring your production to life with these anthemic sections.

Saturn (The Bringer of Old Age)” is Holst at his solemn best. This work is perfect for a serious documentary, especially if it deals with the darker side of human nature.

Uranus (The Magician)” is a strident work that begins with a classic brass refrain. It’s perfect for documentaries dealing with war and conflict.

Lastly, we have “Neptune (the Mystic)“. A beautiful serene piece will bring an air of sophistication to your production.

The best part of this imaginative disc is it’s authenticity. It will make your production feel like it has its own personal score!

Posted on May 21, 2014 in New Releases, Production Music News.

Image Music Library – The Planets