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Impact News Music Series

615 Music

From a current news music package to something custom that we dream up together, anything is possible. Contact Mark Agent at 615-687-6863 or

The Impact News Music Series continues to be one of the most recognizable premium Sonic Brands in the industry. Live guitars, brass, and strings give this package its grand feel. It’s versatile and jam packed, with sweeping orchestral themes along with a percussive guitar driven sound. Impact delivers tons of promo and topical mixes to round out your branding and imaging needs.


Impact V.6 (11 themes, over 1,300 cuts)

Live brass and guitars lend a grand feel to the newest and largest version of Impact.

Impact V.5 (11 themes, up to 384 cuts)

This update delivers the distinctive Impact signature on top of contemporary high tech beds.

Impact V.4 (14 themes, up to 577 cuts)

Sweeping orchestral themes along with a percussive, guitar driven sound. Available with or without the NBC chimes.

Impact V.3 (10 themes, up to 93 cuts)

Features energetic tempos and promo-friendly production elements.

Impact V.2 (10 themes, up to 378 cuts)

Building on the popular Impact V.1 theme, this version has a more aggressive and up-tempo feel.

Impact V.1 (10 themes, up to 157 cuts)

One of the most memorable signatures in the industry, where traditional feel meets contemporary elements.