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615 Music in « A Verse Before Dying » Short Film

Check out our music in this new short independent film, « A Verse Before Dying. » This film is the first narrative short film shot on the new Panasonic AF-100 Digital Cinema Camera.

Check out the « A Verse Before Dying » short film, or view the trailer on Vimeo.
Full-length film opens in new window. Please be patient while it loads.

Listen to the tracks that were used in the film.
From RSM060 – The Drones Collection Vol. 2
From SFL1187 – Cowboy Campfire Songs
The film was shot on location in Dripping Springs, Texas. For additional information, behind-the-scenes photos and more, go here.

Great job by Licensing Director, Matt Fisher for helping to select the tracks for this project!

615 Music in « A Verse Before Dying » Short Film