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Film Trailer Music – Saving Mr. Banks

Tom Hanks as Walt Disney? Count us in! Saving Mr. Banks is the latest release from Disney and the film examines the making of the classic film, Mary Poppins. Our music must be like a spoonful of sugar, because Disney has used it in the most delightful way! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!)

Lets start things off right! This TV trailer features “The Spirit Medium” from our Non-Stop Producer Series library.

Next up is a featurette on Tom Hanks that showcases our “Enduring” track from Non-Stop Producers Series.

Starting at 0:43, “This New Love” from Non-Stop Premiere Romantic Comedy 1 is getting a lot of love in this featurette.

Lastly, Disney must like “The Spirit Medium” because it’s used again for this Emma Thompson featurette.

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