Twinkling Winter Wonderland Score


0 BPM01:08
Gazing in awe at a miraculous vision of twinkling beauty.
132 BPM02:25
Magical, twinkling Christmas orchestral atmopshere with bells, piano and strings
0 BPM02:27
Fast flowing mallets and rippling, icy percussive textures with ambient synths. Simple, cyclical and enchanting. Forward looking and inquisitive. Ideal for documentary, nature, icy environments and human drama.
120 BPM02:14
A peaceful and soothing mood on Christmas eve with woodwind, piano, strings and guitar
120 BPM02:19
Dawn on Christmas day with sleigh bells, woodwind and strings
0 BPM01:08
Calm feeling of being pulled into an enchanting, alluring dream.
109 BPM02:14
Excited bells and string intro with a peaceful and magical tone
100 BPM02:36
Exciting, magical, shimmering, spacious, ambient, fairytale, dreamy, illusive, positive, floating, a very special atmospheric Christmas theme from outer space with tuned bells, electric piano, futuristic modern synth ambience and electronic sound-designed effects, based on the traditional Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Morgen Kommt Der Weihnachtsmann, orbit, universe, spaceship, fantasy, scifi, cyberspace, film, TV, movie, advertising, contemporary, theme, underscore, soundtrack, cinematic, promo, holidays, season, Advent, Yuletide, expectant, present, gift, merry, Xmas, X-mas, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, reindeer, elf, story, fairy tale, wonderland, magic, miracle, enchanted, twinkling, glistening, shine, lullaby, dream, stars, kids, children, goodies, toys, childlike, kiddies, pre-school, simple, little, tiny, cute, sweet, nice, innocent, illusion, sincere, wishes, Frohe Weihnachten, Joyeux Noel, Felice Navidad, Buon Natale, Nikolaus, Papa Noel
50 BPM03:32
Nature's clock working in wondrous balance. Ethereal bells chime with subtle mechanical rhythms providing the pulse. Graceful string led theme comes in at 1:26
98 BPM02:36
Magical twinkly bells and piano build with graceful strings into an uplifting Christmas brass fanfare.
45 BPM01:57
Magical percussion that weaves a twinkling soundscape of echoing beauty.
127 BPM01:47
This gentle and inspiring orchestral piece soars with elegant piano, playful strings and warm bass. Ambient textures build into a dynamic build @ :56 with rising choir, staccato strings and cascading percussion. Pure, beautiful and touching. Commercials - Promo, Program. 127 BPM. Full Mix.
0 BPM01:08
Twinkling piano evokes the intricate beauty of a glistening night sky.
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