Top 20 for 2020


92 BPM02:14
Starting a friendly revolution. Uplifting pop groove with a happy go lucky swagger, featuring an elevating vox chant.
100 BPM02:11
Glowing synthesizer tones bubble and churn with light hip-hop stick percussion and low electronic bass tones making way for a confident, encouraging female rap vocal.
110 BPM03:12
An optimistic indie rock anthem focusing on uplifting, inspirational themes complimented by energetic drums, bright guitars and earnest male vocals.
90 BPM01:41
A groovy bass riff introduces this mid-tempo funk-hip hop track, laced with vintage distorted electric piano, horns, drum loops, tambourine, and slippery funky guitars.
80 BPM02:42
Soulful lead female vocals and gospel-tinged back-up vocals spread the love in this joyful slow-groove R&B song with piano and contemporary beats. Version - Full
140 BPM02:21
This driving, rhythmic trailer piece hits the ground running with industrial rhythms, building synth effects and textures and a bold, calamitous orchestral layer gradually builds to a riotous impact. Version - Full
123 BPM03:01
Inspirational lyrics and steady distorted guitar create high-spirit in this industrial, pop-rock track while optimistic beats carry the theme through to a glorified climax, ending with excitement and triumph. Version - Full
116 BPM02:11
Working hard to make it happen. Lively and upbeat retro pop which is fronted by driving brass and vox hooks.
116 BPM02:06
This feel-good, uplifting indie pop tune shines with lively guitars, upbeat drums and shimmering synths all driving together under swirling, ecstatic vocal fx. Breezy, fresh and inspiring.
151 BPM01:03
This groovy 60s-nuanced retro pop rock track features surf guitars, playful brass lines, driving drums and too fun 'uh huh' sassy female vocal asides.
121 BPM02:13
121 BPM02:13
Frosty, effervescent atmospheres and icy synth bubbles create a percolating glow, shimmering with hopefulness and peaceful positive piano melodies.
113 BPM02:14
Cruise to this positive pop track with compelling acoustic guitars, smooth drums, and trance inducing keys that enhance the laid back vibe.
137 BPM02:08
Free living hyperactivity. Bluesy pop with a fresh and madcap disposition. Driving groove with guitar, piano and wild cartoon sfx.
110 BPM02:09
Trap hi-hats, gnarly synth bass and dub swells heat up this dynamic hip-hop track, with thematic strings and male rap vocals doused with attitude.
164 BPM02:06
Vibrant acoustic guitars stroll casually in this positive, slow tempo theme made complete by sparkling tubular bells, solid drums and clap-along groove.
118 BPM02:35
Epic sci-fi cinematic piece that builds slowly as atmospheric sound effects, big drums, and stunning orchestral percussion dynamically rise together. Version - Full
110 BPM02:26
Feeling fitter, better and happier. Uplifting lifestyle pop with glorious a brass hook and gospel style vocal chant.
136 BPM02:12
Echoing piano arpeggios and crystalline synthesizer textures build with reverberant soundscapes into an emotional anthem of encouragement.
191 BPM02:15
Jumpers for goalposts. Active indie rock which is made for outdoor frolicking. Guitar hooks, short brass licks and vocal heys.
140 BPM02:14
Pulsing bass, frenetic electronic drums and spirited brass funk stabs join vocal party efx to drive this groove steadily forward.
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