So Paris!


135 BPM02:36
Joyful accordion theme and gypsy acoustic guitar. Bouncy mood evoking a peaceful Sunday afternoon at a French guinguette in the 1930s with people drinking some cool wine. Version - Full Mix
110 BPM02:29
Gypsy jazz in the way of django reinhardt & stephane grappelli evoking paris in the 1930s. Version - Main
85 BPM01:06
Vintage and quirky representation of Paris with Clarinet feature
150 BPM02:31
French girly punk with retro garage pop flavour. Cute, cheeky and cool. 150 BPM. Full mix.
90 BPM03:12
Delicate French accordion waltz recalling retro music playing in Parisian cafs in the 50s. Swirling accordion theme @ 0:48 in the style of Edith Piaf, and solo @ 1:52. Version - Full Mix
125 BPM03:52
The trip. Hallucinogenic seduction. 1960s B-movie inspired psych beat with spaghetti western surf guitars and enchanted vocal erotica (starting @ 1'11"). Additional beat joins analog drums @ 2'27". 125 BPM. Full mix.
130 BPM02:26
Poem about a couple. Alt folk with French female vocals, western movie guitar and trumpet. 130 BPM. Full mix.
120 BPM01:11
speedy gypsy-jazz with accordion and strummed offbeat guitar, finger snaps, spoons. bouncy. upbeat, witty. tidy mayhem - 120 BPM, Full Mix
120 BPM06:02
Underscore. No vocals. Instrumental version of track #3.
150 BPM02:00
French indie folk. Female singer/songwriter with acoustic guitar reflecting about relationship. 150 BPM. Full mix.
120 BPM01:37
Mysterious jazz riff with light acoustic strums and flowing solos. Version - Full Mix
75 BPM02:43
Intriguing accordion waltz with acoustic guitar, piano and jazzy drums. Repetitive positive theme @ 0:39 and 1:37. Evoking Nestor Burma or Maigret's investigations in the chic places of Paris. Version - Full Mix
105 BPM02:41
Song about Bruxelles-based painter and artist Roberto Barr. Joyful bossa-tinged folk pop with female French vocals. 105 BPM. Full mix.
92 BPM03:54
Popular theme with accordion and orchestra. Version - Full Mix
105 BPM01:32
Traditional accordion French waltz that used to be played in old bals in the 1940s in Paris with gypsy guitar and jazzy drums. Positive mood until 0:53 when the mood turns mysterious and delicate, accordion playing only high-keys. Version - Full Mix
113 BPM02:42
Delicate piano theme. Two lovers are saying goodbye on a bridge over the Seine in the Quartier Latin in Paris. Tempo goes faster @ 2:02 as the lovers are running back to each other. Version - Full Mix
70 BPM01:59
Intimate and poetic French folk pop ballad with female vocals and trumpet. 70 BPM. Full mix.
75 BPM04:08
Jazz violin accordion and circular guitar into waltz rhythm
85 BPM03:08
Intimate Charleston as played in Louisiana with accordion, piano, double bass and drums played with brushes. Jazzy/bluesy mood. Version - Full Mix
105 BPM01:48
French, retro inspired, carefree and happy with accordion feature. Positive and lively.
188 BPM03:04
Enchanting, gliding, sentimental, romantic. A classic, light hearted French cafe song features a beautiful female vocal, delighted by a budding romance. Medium tempo. World - Vocal, French, Cafe, Jazz. 188 BPM. Full.
76 BPM01:48
Slow relaxed moody romantic waltz accordion piano and rhythm
73 BPM01:56
Repetitive and romantic waltz theme, with two accordions responding to each other and piano, accelerating from very slow to fast. Very delicate version. Theme is playing faster and faster. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM02:58
Nostalgic accordion theme with jazzy electric guitar and piano. Evoking the end of a French detective movie, when the detective leaves the scene alone. Violin solo @ 1:27. Version - Full Mix
Intimate romantic violin and accordion waltz
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