Rock Hard Instrumentals


105 BPM02:18
Fee fi fo fum! Get smashed by this heavyweight metal/rock colossus brutally stomping with shocking guitars, tight bass, futuristic/industrial fx and wicked leads raging over an unyielding apocalypse of drum-powered rage! Intense, dark and dystopian. Rock - Death Metal, Grunge, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Sports, Thrash Metal. 105 BPM. Full Mix.
88 BPM01:46
Driving, upbeat revival riff rock breaks to lighter section and rises powerfully for an inspirational and triumphant finish.
174 BPM01:57
Rock - Heavy Rock, Riff Rock, Alternative Metal, Extremely aggressive riff based piece. The ultimate prepare for battle, I'm gonna melt your face off, fight piece. This tune makes anything you put it with bigger than life. Heavy drums, bass, and guitars. Build and break at :08. Break at :55. Drum Toms and guitar breakdown at 1:08. Action, Aggressive, Wrestling, Sports, Energy, Heavy Beat, Heavy Groove, Massive , Guitars, Drums, Bass, 174 bpm. Full Mix
90 BPM02:15
Explosive, aggressive and punchy blues rock. Pushing the limit
82 BPM02:45
Up tempo steady hard hitting heavy rock grunge features electric guitar AltMixv1
120 BPM02:00
Dominate all challengers with this shocking, no-holds-barred rock/metal livewire, racing with menacing, de-tuned guitars, gritty bass, futuristic fx and dominating drums comin' atchya HARD, FAST 'n' HEAVY! Time to meet your maker! Rock - Death Metal, Grunge, Hardcore, Heavy Metal, Sports, Thrash Metal. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
83 BPM02:12
Intense and insistent revival riff rock beginning layers for a hard-hitting, passionate energy.
100 BPM02:08
Hopeful and upbeat revival riff rock beginning builds confidently to an uplifting, motivational rock finish.
85 BPM01:58
Powerful, breakneck rock. Action packed guitars race forward, accelerated by heavy rock beat.
98 BPM01:56
Unstoppable, infectious epic classic rock. Insanely catchy guitar riff and huge drums that literally force you to nod your head. Damn.
100 BPM02:01
Forceful, driving, attacking. Overdrive guitars blaze away, toms rolling and cymbals crashing. Huge, fierce build at 1:21.
182 BPM02:36
Rock - Alternative Metal, Guitar Hero, Infectious heavy guitars with head banging drums. A simple tune, but so effective at driving an arena full of sweaty youths into hysteria. Nice breakdown at 1:45. Action,Aggressive, Sports, Heavy Groove, Heavy Beat, Massive, Wrestling, Head banging, Guitars, Drums, Bass, 182 bpm. Full Mix
116 BPM02:13
Jump into the pit and go hard with this pulverizing metal/rock assassin raging with deeply detuned and dangerously distorted guitars, crushing hardcore/thrash drums and blistering, barking bass. POI @ :50 soaring anthem chorus with a wall of grinding guitars and soaring rhythm section. Prepare to be pounded and PULVERIZED Rock - Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Sports Rock, Boxing, Football, Action. 116 BPM. Full Mix.
104 BPM02:22
Pulsing, driving revival riff rock layers and builds dramatically for a chaotic and intensely huge rock finish.
77 BPM01:40
Hard, fiery rock. Strong, fierce guitars and aggressive drums pound. Nothing stands in the way.
87 BPM02:16
Stomping, electrifying punky blues mayhem. Fill your boots!
122 BPM02:18
Rock - Hard Rock, Metal. Incredibly intense and hard Nu Metal with a pounding bass drum part. Full Mix.
67 BPM01:42
Powerhouse. Forceful, aggressive guitars rock energetically. Inspirational solo at 0:42. Sudden drop at 1:09.
90 BPM02:15
Big uptempo rock grinder with insistent melody and stabby rhythms.
120 BPM00:52
Rock - Hard Rock. This piece is so in your face it can't be ignored. Frenetic driving drum beat with an aggressive electric guitar riff. Heavy drum and screaming synth at :30. Full Mix.
88 BPM01:52
Fast paced, driving epic classic rock, with edgy guitar riffs and huge aggressive drums. Unstoppable riffing solo at 1:11. Think driving hard and fast, sex and blue jeans, getting pumped.
120 BPM02:10
Dirty, in-your-face guitars rage over a groove of crispy percussion, and massive bending synth FX. POI @ 0:17 Punchy guitar blasts begin. POI @ 0:24 Synth pulses enter. POI @ 0:32 Syncopated chords reverberate out. POI @ 0:40 Guitar glitch. POI @ 0:57 Chromatic walk into fuller section. Synths and guitars intensify. POI @ 1:16 Gritty downer. POI @ 1:42 Deep cut exposes synth pulses. POI @ 1:52 Final bursts interspersed with clapping and heavy impacts. POI @ 2:00 Final blasting guitars ring out.
73 BPM02:33
Powerful Rock, Positive Melodies. Version - Full Mix