Nasty Rock Grooves


158 BPM01:04
This sexy 'n' gritty mid-tempo blues/garage/southern rock track struts it's cocky swagger with huge, smashing drums, deep undulating bass and rag-tag crew of dirty, riffing electric guitars laying down a psychedelic sonic-stew of meaty, heavy goodness. Rock - Blues, Southern Rock, Garage, Classic Rock, Psychedelic, Indie. BPM. 60 Second.
90 BPM02:15
Explosive, aggressive and punchy blues rock. Pushing the limit
104 BPM01:02
Get down 'n' dirty with this stumbly, critter-infested swamp/blues-rock track creeping with gritty, twangy guitars and deep bass booming over a half-drunk, staggerin' drum beat that just barely keeps this sexy beast movin'. Ya'll ain't from around here are ya'? Rock - Blues, Southern Rock, Garage, Classic Rock, Psychedelic . BPM. 60 Second.
90 BPM02:23
Monstrous, mid-tempo, hard-rock groove led by fuzzed-out guitars, slammin' drums and plodding bass and sweetened with a psychedelic synth melody.
76 BPM02:10
Adrenaline filled gritty southern rock theme with bold stadium claps, slingin' dirty guitars, and raging male vocal shout. Film, Program, Commercial, Ad. Fiery, Hunted, Brutal.
88 BPM02:21
Strong, dynamic revival rock builds powerfully with passionate and inspirational energy.
78 BPM01:48
Let's take em' down! This heavy, rebellious sports rocker struts with bluesy, electrifying riffs, huge stomps and claps, big drums and heavy bass shakin' the stadium! Brash, loud and cocky!
84 BPM02:07
Can you handle the Texas heat? This gritty blues-drenched rock track burns HOT with distorted, riffing guitars, struttin' drums, killer organ and fuzzed-out bass. POI at 1:10 huge chorus blazes out of control with frenzied drums and a flurry of sultry guitars and thick organ. Burn cream ASAP! Rock - Blues, Southern Rock, Garage, Classic Rock. 84 BPM. Full Mix.
123 BPM02:08
The heat is in the air with this gritty, greasy Southern-fried rocker. Sexy drum/bass groove lays down the roadwork as high-octane guitars drop a sexy swagger. Perfect for fast cars, southern cuties and a little hell raisin'!
80 BPM02:22
Blues rock, chilled to perfection. Gritty double-stopped guitars saddle up with relentless drums and pounding bass for some Southern rock with a twist! Sexy cars and sweet guitars! Provocative, chilled-out, sassy.
93 BPM02:08
Blues. Electric guitars and head banging beats make this blues piece rock. Intensifies with edgy guitar riffs. Rock - Blues. Full Mix.
81 BPM02:17
What is that thing?! This fuzzy, Southern-fried psych rocker gets stanky with gritty, riffing guitars, retro organ, deep bass, soulful ooh/aah vocals and bombastic swingin' drums! POI at 1:11 you'll make that face when this guitar solo hits, and unleashes it's swampy rage! Shut my mouth! Rock - Garage Rock, Indie. 81 BPM. Full Mix.
108 BPM02:16
Biting, distorted guitars and gritty bass team-up with dynamic, driving drums, slick keys and funky wah licks in this infectious rock anthem. Ain't nuthin' but a rough-and-tumble, feel-good groove.
71 BPM02:22
Go deep into the South with this blistering blues rocker stocked with blaring harmonica, twangy guitars, gritty organ and beefy bass all raging over a crushing, mid-tempo rock groove. You best get outta the way 'cause this one's meaner than a striped snake! XXX Blues - Rock, Country. 71 BPM. Full Mix.
77 BPM02:08
Blues - Rock - Promo, Trailer. Hotter than a Texas summer this gritty, funky, bluesy rocker let's it all hang out with a boot full of killer slide guitars, sticky-sweet riffs, funked-up wah-wah, big bass and driving drums. POI @ :55 moody break with verby, haunting guitar that charges right back in with that rebellious, infectious lone-star state of mind. Pass the Bar-B-Que sauce! 77 BPM. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:15
Blues - Rock - Promo, Trailer. Listen up y'all to this Honky-Tonky, blues-o-rama fixed up with gritty blaring harmonica, swinging drums, rockin' guitars and thick bass bouncin' like a june bug. POI @ 1:03 get your rocks off with a killer electric guitar lead that bends and contorts over the catchy, bumpin' beat and jumps right back into the harmonica action. Holla! 100 BPM. Full Mix.
140 BPM01:01
Raise your fist to this rocker beast with biting bass, red hot electric guitars, and pummeling drums.
82 BPM02:03
Slow sultry rock with a Southern drawl
129 BPM01:09
Feelgood and bright shiny rock instrumental with slide guitars and Hammond accents.
90 BPM01:07
Raw and powerful blues rocker featuring organ, guitars, drums and bass.
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