Modern Country Dudes


132 BPM02:52
Youthful and energetic with a driving rhythm section, virtuosic guitar phrases, and infectious male vocal melodies. Version - Full Mix
73 BPM02:53
Upbeat, fun and punchy Country music with stomping drums, twangy electric guitar themes and a redneck party appeal. With male vocals. Version - Full Mix
110 BPM02:59
A slick and commercial sounding guy/girl duet with chimey acoustic guitars and pedal steel melodies combined with contemporary filtering synths and a pop drum loop. Version - Full Mix
72 BPM02:45
Polished and glossy sounding guitars and keyboards, drum loops, and tough male Southern accents combine for ultimate bro country. Version - Full Mix
126 BPM03:33
Backwoods, feel good country with bendy guitars, groovy rhythms and gang vocals inviting everyone to sing along. With male vocal. Version - Full Mix
74 BPM03:49
Quirky cool with filtering guitars, percolating keyboards and jaw harp effects leading into a rowdy, slightly stoned sounding country jam. With male vocals. Version - Full Mix
102 BPM03:34
A huge drum loop with percolating synth overtop leads into a driving, left-of-center acoustic guitar driven country tune with effected steel guitar. With male vocals. Version - Full Mix
146 BPM03:30
A sweet pop country tune with male vocals over modern electric guitars, sugary acoustic guitar arpeggios and tender dobro fills. Version - Full Mix
101 BPM03:32
Driving kick drum with catchy acoustic guitar and banjo phrases breaking up an upbeat, edgy country rocker. With male vocals. Version - Full Mix
66 BPM02:43
All the best parts of vintage rock 'n roll combined with contemporary production, a classic tune with a hint of western and stylized vocals.
112 BPM03:25
Driving muted acoustic guitars and kick drum with creepy octave vocals lead into a raucous anthem with gang vocals and songwriter troubadour roots.
102 BPM02:27
A driving train drum beat under trucker-style guitars and bass makes way for a western slide guitar lead and retro harmonized vocal lines.
89 BPM02:28
This southern-fried rebel-rocker does what it pleases with huge, distorted guitar riffs, colossal drums, beefy bass and screamin' slide guitar. A tough-as-nails male vocal waves his redneck flag high and gets the crowd goin' buck wild!!! Grab a cold one! Rock - Country, Southern Rock. 89 BPM. Full Mix.
130 BPM03:04
Everything's better down south! Groove to this upbeat homage to the ladies of Dixie with classic male vocals, twangy guitars, rockin' drums, playful fiddle and honky-tonk piano! POI at 2:13 Screaming slide guitar solo gets funky as the tracks rides off into the sunset! Country - Rock, Southern Rock. 130 BPM. Full Mix.
138 BPM03:21
Grab your girl and hit the road with this country-pop gem filled with twangy, electric leads, nimble guitars, driving bass and exhilarating drums. Honest male vocals belt out a feel-good performance as you speed down this sonic highway! Let's drive! Country - Rock, Pop. 138 BPM. Full Mix.
96 BPM03:24
God bless the RED, WHITE & BLUE! Celebrate freedom with rockin' guitars, twangy banjo, huge dynamic drums, driving bass and lively fiddle. Gritty vocals sing out loud and proud giving this country/rock anthem the power to fly high! Hold onto to The American Dream! Country - Rock, Western. 96 BPM. Full Mix.
110 BPM03:28
Seize the day with country-funked guitars, struttin' drums and big bass in this feel-good, life affirming country pop rocker. Energized, honest male vocals sing out proud as retro organ and strummed acoustic guitar add even more sonic sunshine. This is the life! Country - Rock, Western. 110 BPM. Full Mix.
136 BPM03:39
Grab the wheel and test drive this radio-ready, country-pop/rock anthem packed with rockin' guitars, lively mandolin, warm bass and driving drums all jamming together under powerful, emotional, melodic male vocals. Country - Rock, Pop. 136 BPM. Full Mix.
118 BPM03:13
Hooky guitars, rootsy vocals, solid bass and rockin' drums drive this country/pop/rock crossover tune. Catch the huge chorus at 1:05 with a wash of electrifying guitars, dynamic drums and soaring vocals that celebrate just how special YOU are! Feel-good, upbeat and positive. Country - Rock, Pop. 118 BPM. Full Mix.
155 BPM03:33
Hit the road with this travelin' heartland anthem filled with rootsy guitars, wandering pianos, twangy leads, warm bass, steady drums and lively mandolin. Heartfelt, emotional male vocals paint a beautiful picture love, hope and freedom as you set the cruise control. #Americana #Folk
66 BPM02:28
Take a sip of our blinding, sonic-moonshine home brewed with twangy banjo, gritty guitars, sliding Dobro and bad-ass bass all riffing over crushing mid-tempo rock drums! Deep and gritty outlaw/bluesy male vocals tell you just what it's like to be a real-deal moonshiner as you drink down that white lightning! Lawmen come and get us! Blues - Bluegrass, Country. 66 BPM. Full Mix.
90 BPM03:02
Country and rap come together in this sugary-sweet, hick-hop anthem groovin' with killer banjo, wailin' harmonica, bumpin' bass and big hip-hop drums. Rapped verses and sung choruses give praise to the drink we ALL love! Give it to us! Hip-Hop/Rap - Country, Bluegrass. 90 BPM. Full Mix.
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