Lifted Spirits - Celebratory Grooves


98 BPM01:50
Hypnotic guitars entice as this mid tempo Rock gem captivates with its deep bass, and driving drums allowing sweet reflection as it injects a healthy dose of hope to your pensive moment. Contemplative, Reality TV, I Can Do It, Ads, Positive, Drama.
110 BPM02:03
Positive and lighthearted indie pop gives way to an adventurous and fun energy. With background vocals.
148 BPM02:31
Rock - Alternative - Orchestral. Driving positive rock with anthem-styled vocal highlights and orchestral strings; fast, upbeat, triumphant, dramatic, sports. 148 bpm. Full Mix.
143 BPM02:20
Energetic, inspiring male group vocals kick off this uplifting, positive rocker alongside larger-than-life guitars, booming bass, driving drums, and dreamy synths. POI @ 1:03 A sky-high synth lead line soars into an inspiring final chorus.
70 BPM01:48
Adventurous and uplifting indie pop gives way to a driving, yet heartfelt vibe. With background vocals.
170 BPM02:33
Fun sounding and uplifting mood provided by chiming, positive guitars.
150 BPM02:16
Powerful, spirited rush of youthful energy and vigour.
120 BPM01:59
Homely guitar & banjo with brass & drums. Slowly grows to proud end. Stronger together!
130 BPM03:34
Driving, inspiring and confident acoustic pop instrumental. Motivating, uplifting, optimistic, hypnotic indie groove with pulsating acoustic guitars, drums, bass, wonderful floating piano lines and airy electronic sounds rising.
125 BPM02:37
Positive, uplifting, anthemic Olympic and inspirational indie guitar hook with piano, optimistic and bright building rhythm with light vocal backing. Feel good sports and leisure, a catchy motivational summer theme.
112 BPM01:00
A frolicking piano motif powers this expanding, eclectic pop rock track with anthemic male choir, dynamic drums and an inescapable feel-good high.
122 BPM03:28
Light and breezy with indie pop elements featuring piano, guitar, bass and drums to create a romantic and relaxed mood.
130 BPM02:23
Shining optimism wrapped up in a bouncy, uplifting rhythm.
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